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New York City: December 4-6

on December 10, 2009

Ippudo @ 65 Fourth Ave

Ippudo is probably the most popular ramen shop in NYC where people line up for hours for a bowl of  authentic tonkatsu ramen soup. After more than an hour wait for our first bowl of Ippudo Ramen, Charmin Bear T and I were able to sit at the bar counter. With a view of chefs cooking in front of us and hungry appetites waiting to be satisfied, our orders of the Akamaru Modern Ramen did its job. While we slurp down our ramen, our taste buds are fascinated by the richness of the tonkatsu pork bones broth. It is flavored with garlic oil,  the secret Ippudo sauce,  spicy miso and chili paste, a slice of roast pork, a salted cured egg, and accented with chopped scallions, onions, and wood ear mushrooms. An optional add-on we chose was the mouth-watering slice of braised pork belly. The price of the original bowl was $14. It was an additional $4 for the braised pork belly.

Ippudo Akamaru Modern Ramen

Ippudo Akamaru Modern Ramen

Our appetites did not end with just a bowl of delicious ramen. Our impulse order of the Hirata Buns was a great decision.  With a slice of tender marinated pork wrapped in a steamed bun and garnished with Japanese spicy mayo and lettuce, it was an appetizer fit for two hungry bears! For a set of 2 buns, at 4 bucks a pop, it was not an opportunity to miss. Who knows when we will be back at the ramen shop again!

steamed pork buns

Hirata Buns

Saint’s Alp Teahouse – 仙跡岩 @ 39 Third Avenue

Charmin Bear T and I love bubbles, boba, pearls, tapioca balls…however you call it! The only difference is our preference in green or black tea. She likes black tea and I enjoy green tea. Our usual hang out spot for boba was closed for construction, so we decided to hit the quaint Taiwanese style teahouse a few blocks from St. Marks. We ordered a jumbo milk tea and tea eggs as we waited for the hour to pass. Compared to other bubble teas I’ve chugged, Saint’s Alp is pretty good. With half an inch of foam on top, a nice blend of tea and milk/cream, and “QQ” or perfect chewy bubbles does not let us down. Price is a little expensive for a small cup, around $3.50, but worth every penny when there are no better tapioca milk teas around.

boba milk tea

Saint's Alp Bubble Milk Teas

– Charmin Bear J


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