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New York City: January 18

on January 19, 2010

Menkui Tei @ 60 W 56th St

Continuing on my food quest for the best of the best. On this cold windy night, I wanted something steamy, something soupy. I read some reviews on yelp on where to find good tonkatsu ramen (besides Ippudo, of course). Stumbled upon a place called Menkui Tei, where eaters rave for their ramen. So I grabbed my coat and headed out to see how good this bowl of ramen is. Totally missed it as I was walking down the street. It was a quaint little hole in the wall type of restaurant; without the bells and whistles in decorations. There wasn’t a wait so I was quickly sat by the bar. This place is cash only so hit the ATM before sitting down. I ordered their original bowl of tonkatsu ramen and was utterly disappointed. Maybe I had set my bars too high for eating the best ramen, the soup was bland. Although the ramen had a nice texture and there was corn in the soup, the pork flavors wasn’t really there. I thought about Ippudo and how flavorful their soup was the whole entire time :( Overall, the ramen was ok for the cheap price, but nothing too spectacular.




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