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New York City: January 22-24

on January 25, 2010

DGBG @ 299 Bowery Street

Charmin Bear J and I came to this restaurant to meet up with some of my college friends for dinner. The decor was really cute and modern. They are frequently very busy so you might want to try to make reservations. If all else fails, there is a first come first serve seating area in the front. It can get a little bit vicious though when hungry people are trying to grab the first table available. I came early enough to grab a table without having to fight for it. The restaurant is basically known for it’s wide assortment of beer and sausages. I’m not an avid beer drinker, but the others tried about 3 types. I forgot what the general consensus on that was unfortunately.

Charmin Bear J ordered the spicy crab cake to start. It was extremely flavorful and probably the best dish of the night. I might be a bit bias though considering I’m a huge fan of curry and avocado. I like anything with avocado in it :)

Spicy Crab Cake

I had a hard time deciding between the Piggie and the Frenchie. They both sound pretty delicious to me. In the end I settled for the Frenchie, but I probably wouldn’t have gone wrong with either choice. The taste was simple. I knew what I was getting – a hearty piece of juicy meat. Pork belly meat always melts in my mouth. I love it! The buns were toasted for an added extra crispiness. The fries were also really good, but the star of the show was definitely my burger.

The Frenchie

Red Egg @ 202 Centre Street

Let me start off by saying that my usual impression of a dim sum place is a pretty typical Chinese restaurant. It’s never too pretty, sometimes dingy and usually overcrowded. Red Egg, however, does not fit into any of those categories. The decor is very modern and nothing you’d expect. The typical old, loud, male waiter you’d get at any other dim sum place does not exist here. I’ve never had Red Egg’s more eclectic menu (their main dinner menu comprises of dishes influenced by Chinese and Peruvian cuisine), so please keep in mind that I’m commenting only on their dim sum.

Wherever I go, I must have my “ha cheung” (shrimp rice roll/shrimp crepes). This is my favorite dim sum of all time, but not at Red Egg. The rice wrap could be softer and smoother. It comes off as a little thick, oily and rough for me. It’s a pretty simple dish and there’s really only so many things to critique about it. When it comes to the traditional dim sum plates, I feel that Red Egg does a decent job, but not the best. Their new renditions of some of the old dishes, however, are quite interesting.

Instead of having plain radish cake, they have a version stir fried with duck meat. The duck meat is cut into thin strips, mixed with vegetables and sprinkled on top of the radish cake. You get a consortium of flavors in every bite. My only complaint about this dish is that it gets a bit greasy after awhile.

Stir Fried Radish Cake

Their take on “yeung dou fu” (stuffed tofu) is also really creative. Traditionally it’s fried tofu stuffed with minced meat, but they changed up the outside casing with a soft tofu. It has a much more gentle touch in your mouth.

Stuffed Tofu

Overall, it was a fun dining experience in a beautiful restaurant. The food was good, but if I want more traditional Chinese dim sum, I’d probably make my way to Ping’s Seafood on Mott St.

– Charmin Bear T


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