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New York City: January 25

on January 27, 2010

Num Pang Sandwich Shop @ 21 East 12th Street

I had a craving for Vietnamese subs or “banh mi” today. So, I decided to see what Yelp had to offer in terms of good Vietnamese subs. Saw reviews for a Cambodian sandwich shop that specialized in different varieties of subs. I quickly hopped on the train to Union Square. A hole in the wall type of shop, I totally walked passed it. I didn’t realize that I was on the street already until I asked a passerby. What a tourist I am!! =X When I walked in, the smell of toasted french baguettes made my mouth water. I had to choose between a pork belly sandwich or the beef sandwich. Pork belly, I choose you! Since I was on a pork belly roll all month anyways…why not order some more?

For $7.50 – this 5 spiced pork belly sandwich was overpriced. Bread was smaller than the normal Vietnamese banh mi. I do agree with fellow Yelpers that the pork belly, combined with a few pickled asian pear was unique in taste. However, I don’t think I will ever order this again. It was very sloppy and messy to eat because the sandwich fell apart really quickly. Next time I will order the grilled skirt steak sub, just because it has a peppercorn sauce on it.

Num Pang Pork Belly Sub

Num Pang Pork Belly Sub

Also, on impulse buy, I got a corn on the cob because I love corn! Grilled to perfection and topped with spicy mayo, chili powder, and coconut flakes. The flavors of this Khmer-Mex concoction was so intense and memorable, I had to make it myself at home. Even though it’s $2.25, I will definitely order this side again. Finger lickin’ good! I got Virgil’s cream soda to quench my thirst. There isn’t a word that can even describe how much I love cream soda :) Overall, a great meal. A bit pricey, but well worth the experience.

Num Pang Corn on a Cob

Num Pang Corn on a Cob

– Charmin Bear J


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