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New York City: February 12-14

on February 18, 2010

Saint Alps Teahouse @ 39 3rd Avenue

We decided that our new favorite bubble tea place is Saint Alps. T-Kettle has been “renovating” forever now and we’re tired of waiting for it. We ordered smalls this time. The milk tea was creamy, frothy and delicious as usual. The bubbles were sweet and chewy. No complaints here!

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

We decided to kill two birds with one stone by ordering the twin delights, which has both the tea eggs and chicken wings.

Marinated Twin Delights

Marinated Twin Delights

The portions for the twin delights were a bit small, so we had to order something else to appease our appetites. I really like the crispy glazed sweet potato. It was cooked well so the potato was soft. They used the sugar glaze sparingly, so you’re not overwhelmed with sweetness. I also really like the black sesame they added, which gives it an extra sweet aroma.

Crispy Glazed Sweet Potato

Crispy Glazed Sweet Potato

We were still hungry! So we ordered the fried cuttlefish balls. It was pretty bland. It came with a salt and pepper dip, but sauce makes my world go round. Ponzu or any thick sauce would have suffice :(

Deep Fried Cuttlefish Balls

Deep Fried Cuttlefish Balls

Ippudo @ 65 4th Avenue

We go back to Ippudo every time I’m in New York now. Our last visit was kind of disappointing since the soup wasn’t nearly as salty or flavorful, but that’s okay, everyone has an off day.

I’m sure I mentioned in a previous post that I love pork belly, so we recently tried their braised pork belly appetizer. It was so soft, juicy and flavorful. The quail egg on top made it even more delicious. I like to top everything with an egg :). I don’t know if it’s necessary to order this though, especially since I always get pork belly in my ramen.

Braised Pork Belly Appetizer

This time I also ventured out and tried something besides the Akamaru Modern ramen. Instead I had their special, which was basically a very similar soup but brewed with chicken instead of pork. The soup was a bit creamier and whiter looking. It was just as good as the Akamaru Modern.

Special Ramen

Oh, here’s a new picture of the Hirata buns, just for the sake of having food porn :)

Hirata Buns

Baoguette @ 37 St. Marks Place

Continuing our expedition around East Village, we decided to try some non-traditional Banh Mi. We went to Baoguette since both Charmin Bear J and I love Vietnamese sandwiches and thought their menu looked intriguing.

I got the sloppy bao. It was different to say the least. The mango added a fresh taste to the sandwich and I liked the fried egg inside. However, I did not like that my beef was minced. Is it wrong for a girl to want to be able to chew and gnaw her beef out of her sandwich?

Sloppy Bao

Charmin Bear J got the classic bao. We were both sorely disappointed. Where is my pate!? Where is my yellow mayo?! The traditional mayo and pate are the essence of a Vietnamese sub in my humble opinion.

Classic Bao

Taking into consideration the price along with the taste, I would not come here again. The majority of the sandwich is fillers, not a lot of meat. I can get a much better classic Vietnamese sandwich in Boston for $2.75, half the price of Baoguette.

– Charmin Bear T


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  1. Andrew says:

    Charmin Bear? Seriously? Hahaha

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