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Woodside: February 20

on February 25, 2010

SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant 64-13 39th Avenue

Mochi and I ventured out into Long Island this weekend to visit Peanut and Pebbles, and of course, Muffie. He told me about a great Thai place he had been to before so we had dinner there. It was in Woodside, kinda far from where he lived in Westbury. When we first walked in, the place was pretty packed. The hostess sat us down at one corner of the restaurant by the windows, but it was near an elderly lady with really bad BO (could make you vomit type of BO), so we ended up moving to another corner of the restaurant by the windows. Photos courtesy of Muffie =P since I didn’t have my camera.

First thing we ordered was the classic Thai iced tea. If you’ve eaten Thai food, but have never had their iced tea, then you’re missing out! This delicious blend of tea, cream, and sugar will certainly quench your thirst and mellow out any spicy food you eat.

SriPraPhai Thai Iced Tea

SriPraPhai Thai Iced Tea

We ordered an extra spicy version of their green papaya salad or “som tum” for our appetizer. This dish was created with shredded green papaya, dry shrimp, chili peppers, fish sauce, garlic, green beans, cherry tomatoes, palm sugar, lime juice & peanuts. Yummmy :) I love fish sauce! Don’t be afraid to try it if you see it on the menu. This is a dish you should order if you want to eat authentic Thai food. The flavors are very distinct and will leave you wanting more!

SriPraPhai Papaya Salad

SriPraPhai Papaya Salad

Our main entrees of the night was a spicy ground pork and basil dish that I usually order when I eat Thai food. It is called “Pad Ka Prow” or “Pad Bai Ga Pow” on many menus. Served best with Jasmine rice, this spicy concoction is made with a ground meat of your choice, stir fried with fresh basil leaves, brown sugar, garlic, scallions, chili peppers, and of course, fish sauce :) I also ordered a noodle dish called “Pad See Ew” because we were hungry lito monkeys. It literally means “stir-fried (with) soy sauce” and is famous for their soy sauce gravy, wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, meat/seafood of your choice & eggs. I prefer this noodle dish over the similar sauce based noodle called Rad-na because of the eggs. If you always order Pad Thai as a noodle dish (like how Muffie does) – try the Pad See Ew for a change. When cooked right, the sauce and stir fried eggs would cover each noodle strand for a mouth watering bite every time.

SriPraPhai Pad See Ew & Pad Ka Prow

SriPraPhai Pad See Ew & Pad Ka Prow


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