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Providence: May 13

on May 16, 2010

Thai Star Restaurant @ 1088 Chalkstone Ave

I rushed back home from nyc to see my father in the hospital. He apparently had suffered another heart attack. Sometimes, I hate my siblings reunions because it only happens during family emergencies. :(

The four of us couldn’t decide on a restaurant, but I was craving for real spicy papaya salad. My brother Kien suggested this hole in a wall restaurant and it turned out to be a gem in ghetto Providence. Parking is very limited in the back. Upon walking in, the decor was of authentic Thai culture and customs. For example, a framed photo of the King of Thailand and Thai dancers in traditional costumes. The small restaurant has small booths along both sides while the middle section caters to bigger parties. My three other siblings and I each ordered our own dishes to share. I am only posting the worthy and memorable ones.

Often I would order Thai Iced Tea because it’s refreshing and calming to the palette, especially if you’re eating spicy food. Thai Star has amazing Thai Iced Tea. It was perfectly sweetened to my taste. I even convinced my little sister Ilene to order one.

Thai Star - Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea

First appetizer I ordered was their papaya salad or “Som Tom” in Thai. It is usually a dish made with unriped papaya, chopped peanuts, cherry tomatoes, lime juice, and chili peppers and eaten with sticky rice. However, this one surpassed my expectations of an ordinary papaya salad. The cooks here make this dish with shrimp paste!! <3 Majority of Thai restaurants that I have been to do not use shrimp paste because some people may be turned off by the pungent smell of it. Shrimp paste is a fermented condiment made of sun-dried shrimp. It is not suppose to be eaten raw, yet fully cooked before consuming. It is commonly found in curries, stews, and as a dipping sauce for seafood and fresh veggies in many Southeast Asian and southern Chinese cuisines. It definitely adds another depth of taste and smell to food. As spicy as the som tom was (I was basically tearing up), I can go back for seconds any day!

Thai Star - Som Tom

Spicy Som Tom

The House Fried Rice was ordered because it was also cooked with shrimp paste in it :) Another beautiful dish! Spicy fried rice with fresh green snap peas, plump shrimps, eggs, and bean sprouts.

Thai Star - House Fried Rice

House Fried Rice

It seems like I always order the same kinds of dishes when I enter a Thai restaurant. Its either a spicy basil dish or their pad see ew. It’s a way for me to judge how good their food is =P At Thai Star, I ordered the Pad See Ew noodle dish. I have got to say, they rocked this dish! Pad see ew is often made with stir-fried wide rice noodles, soy sauce, chinese broccoli, eggs, shrimp, carrots. Great flavor! Not too much soy sauce so it’s not too salty. Their portions was also good enough to share. My brother Minh couldn’t keep his paws off my dish.

Thai Star - Pad See Ew

Pad See Ew

Overall, good service, excellent food, but ghetto location! Ever since I’ve been to Thai Star, I’ve craved for their Som Tom since I can’t find good ones here in NY. These dishes are definitely a must reorder when I go home to visit again.

– Charmin Bear J


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