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New York City: June 10

on June 21, 2010

Pam Real Thai Food @ 404 W 49th Street

Pam Real Thai Food had awesome reviews on Yelp, so I decided to venture into this place after happy hour at Empire on a thursday night. The table they had sat me and my bf in was cramped and small. There was a bigger dining room in the back – but I guess they wanted to show people that they were busy by sitting everyone who walks in by the window.

Steamed fresh mussels, mixed with basil and slivers of red/green bell peppers. Served with a spicy garlic and lime juice dipping sauce on the side. The sauce was finger licking good, paired perfectly with the steamed mussels. Too bad, I personally don’t like the texture of shell fish. Kemal ate most of it :)

Pam Real - Steamed Mussels

Pam Real - Steamed Mussels

NY Times and Village Voice recommended. This appetizer is made with shredded green papaya mixed with dried shrimps, tomato chunks, string beans, lime juice, peanuts, and thai chiles (heat is to your desire). I told the server to make it hot and it comes out NOT spicy at all. There wasn’t even any chiles in the salad. So, I sent it back and told them to make it “Thai style spicy”. Surely, it came back spicier. I guzzled down my Thai iced tea while eating this yummy salad.

Pam Real - Papaya Salad

Pam Real - Papaya Salad

Pad See Ew is commonly a stir fried rice noodle dish with beef with chinese broccoli with sweet soy sauce and eggs. Frown! I usually order this noodle dish if I don’t see anything else I like on a Thai menu. Ultimate fail with this noodle dish. Bitter, burnt and overly salty. I couldn’t eat it all. I didn’t even pack the rest to go. It was even NY Times recommended. I probably had a bad batch, but that’s enough for me to not recommend it here at Pam Real.

Pam Real - Pad See Ew

Pam Real - Pad See Ew

Kemal ordered his usual Pad Thai entree. He enjoyed it. If you can’t even cook pad thai right, then it isn’t a good restaurant. Overall, service was okay. Bathroom was co-ed and dirty! We won’t be returning. It was just disappointing. Also, no credit cards. CASH ONLY!

– Charmin Bear J


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