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New York City: June 19

on June 25, 2010

Cafetasia @ 38 East 8th St (between University Pl & Greene St)

It was a beautiful Saturday out in SoHo with my bf, Kemal. We were on our way back to Union Square when he told me about a really popular Asian place on University Place that he really liked. Cafetasia was just around the corner, so we headed inside. Since it was in between lunch and dinner hours, the restaurant have “Happy Hours” specials from 12:30pm to 5:00pm everyday. Appetizer $2. Main Dish $6. Cocktails $4. Prices are amazing! Menus items are categorized from X-Small to X-Large. Lighting and decor was interesting and modern. Long picnic tables were the main features of the restaurant. Initially, we were seated by the window, but didn’t want to people watch that day. So we sat at a long picnic table instead. I was annoyed that the waitress ordered the wrong dish. It was not busy when we sat down, but by the time we were finished eating, the place was getting fuller. Bathrooms are co-ed. Though clean as it was, it was kinda weird since I didn’t personally feel comfortable in that kind of environment. Now for the foodie line up!

Lychee Martini: ston vodka, lychee juice, triple sec, and splashed of cranberry juice.
Thai Mojito: freshly muddled mints, lime, lychee nut, lychee juice and bacardi light rum. ‘Nuf said because you can’t go wrong with liquor. Fresh mints is key to a really good mojito. My lychee martini was pretty strong too :)

Cafe Tasia Lychee Martini & Thai Mojito

Cafe Tasia Lychee Martini & Thai Mojito

These Crispy Spring Roll Tempura are made with a filling of glass noodles, carrots, jicama and scallions. It’s served with pineapple vinaigrette dipping. No Nuoc nam (fish sauce vinaigrette). These were disappointing! Should have had served the pineapple vinaigrette on the side because it made the sprill rolls too soggy. Also, too much tempura wrap and too little fillings. Where was the meat? Not really worth the 2 dollars.

Cafe Tasia Crispy Spring Roll Tempura

Cafe Tasia Crispy Spring Roll Tempura

The Tom Yum soup was absolutely mouth watering! Just as I remembered it while growing up eating Southeast Asian food. Cooked with chicken and mushrooms in a spicy lemongrass broth and lime juice, it opened up our palettes with its sour and spicy taste. A definite re-order!

Cafe Tasia Tom Yum Chicken Soup

Cafe Tasia Tom Yum Chicken Soup

My main dish was Red Curry and Jasmine Rice. It was ordered by accident by the waitress – but it turned out to be a very delicious soup! Cafetasia’s red curry is made with pineapples, sweet potatoes, coconut milk and a choice of meat. I ordered it with chicken. A must try for those interested in curry! I will surely try this dish again when we go back.

Cafe Tasia Red Curry

Cafe Tasia Red Curry

Kemal’s main dish was the Beef Pad Thai. He almost always orders pad thai at a Thai restaurant =P I tried a lito bit of the noodles and it was just as yummy as my main dish. Scrambled eggs, smoked tofu, radish, chive, peanut, bean sprout and tamarind sauce are tossed together with rice noodles and beef to create this delectable dish.

Cafe Tasia Beef Pad Thai

Cafe Tasia Beef Pad Thai

Overall, the food and atmosphere for Cafetasia was 2 thumbs up. Servers could work on their memory just a lito bit more though. I had seen a Groupon for $15 ($30 value) for this restaurant before, but didn’t get a chance to purchase it on time. As this place caters to nearby NYU kids, it seems pretty popular to guests of all ages as well.

-Charmin Bear J


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