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New York City: July 13

on July 17, 2010

Buddhakan @ 75 9th Avenue

My boyfriend took me to a very nice Asian fusion restaurant for my birthday. Reservations is a must! Lounge was roomy with lots of seating. Decor was from the ancient past. Chinese pavilion hallways. exposed brick. Dim and romantic. Simple vases of various sizes. Elaborate Chinese paintings. Window treatments from the old days. Service was impeccable and professional. She was helpful to offer us suggestions.

Wines of the night: Pinot Noir and Riesling. Red for red meat. White for seafood and poultry. Both wines matched our dinner selections.

Buddhakan - Wines

Buddhakan - Wines

First course: Edamame dumplings made with sauternes wine broth, shallots, creamy pureed edamame. Skin was soft and sticky to our palates. Filling was like the texture of baby food. Delicious broth. A unique take on edamame.

Buddhakan - Edamame Dumplings

Buddhakan - Edamame Dumplings

Second course: Poached egg, frisee lettuce, sherry vinaigrette dressing, juicy duck meat, skin, and fried noodles.  Interesting texture and taste. Different layers of flavors. A must try.  Choked on the too much dressing at one point, but the flavors mellowed out towards the end. Any dish with eggs are good.

Buddhakan - Peking Duck Salad

Buddhakan - Peking Duck Salad

My main course: King Crab Hot Pot. Scallops, baby bok choy, king crab legs, bamboo shoots, royal trumpet mushrooms in a spicy broth. Enormous scallops. Succulent king crab legs.

Buddhakan - King Crab Hot Pot

Buddhakan - King Crab Hot Pot

Sides for the King Crab Hot Pot: basil, cilantro, scallions, rice, shrimp crackers. The broth had so much flavor, I didn’t need to use much of the herbs. Shrimp crackers brought back old memories :)

Buddhakan - King Crab Hot Pot Sides

Buddhakan - King Crab Hot Pot Sides

Kemal’s main course: Mongolian lambchops. Medium rare lamb chops with crystallized ginger crust with baby bok choy. Meat was cooked perfectly. For the price and the portion, it was overpriced. He expected a whole rack but got three shanks, so it was not too satisfying.

Buddhakan - Mongolian Lambchops

Buddhakan - Mongolian Lambchops

Overall feelings: glorified Chinese food. Once is enough to know that the best places to eat Chinese food are holes in the walls types from Chinatown.

— Charmin Bear J


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  1. […] lamb with seasoned russet potatoes. Now this is what you call a RACK of lamb. Unlike the ones from Buddhakan NY, these were the right portion for a good price. Well seasoned, both in meat and potatoes. A must […]

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