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Boston Cupcake Wars

on October 17, 2010

Hello all!

I don’t know why I’m doing a post on cupcakes when I don’t even like cupcakes much. I feel like they’re such a snotty dessert/snack. Why do they cost so much more than a muffin or a cookie? It’s mini cake with frosting on top. I’m a cookie & brownie monster! But cupcakes seem to be very popular so I’ll give them some recognition. I plan on trying a few more places, so this post will probably be updated as I try new places.

Cherry Bomb Bakery @ 379 Washington Street

I came here to pick up some last minute cupcakes for a gathering with my coworkers. The pros: presentation, vegan & gluten free cupcake varieties. The cons: packaging & taste.

The cupcakes were small in size, but were about $2.75 each plus tax. They all looked really pretty and cute. One of my coworkers can only eat gluten-free food, so it was a miracle that Cherry Bomb had a gluten-free cupcake. Most of their cupakes are also vegan, which I applaud them for. I ordered half a dozen cupcakes and I expected to get a better box to carry them in. Instead it was just a regular box so I had to walk around very carefully. It’s not completely their fault, but I’m really clumsy and would have appreciated the extra protection. We ended up cutting up most of the cupcakes so people could try different varieties. I was utterly disappointed, especially with the red velvet. The cake itself was really dry. The frosting wasn’t bad though.

Cherry Bomb Bakery

Cherry Bomb Bakery

Sweet @ 49 Massachusetts Avenue

I was having a horrible day and decided to go get some cupcakes to cheer myself up. Sugar tends to do the trick. The pros: store decor, service, packaging & presentation. The cons: taste.

Sweet has about 3 locations throughout Boston and all their stores are the cutest little cupcake shops around. It’s decorated in very simple colors, mainly pink, white and brown. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of their owners is also an interior designer. They offer seasonal flavors on top of their regular staples. They do have vegan cupcakes, but only on Mondays. I’m not vegan, so that odd restrictive schedule doesn’t really bother me. Most of the cupcakes were actually pretty tasty. I made it a con because the cake part of the Red Velvet was really bland. I can’t seem to find a good red velvet cupcake! The ones I had in DC & SF were 10x better. Not only was the frosting good, but the cake was sweet and moist. The Cappucino cupcake was also disappointing. The Brownie & Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes were delicious though! The girl working there was patient and didn’t mind how indecisive I was. The packaging is also much nicer. She gave me a little holder to keep the goodies in place. Cupcakes were about $3.25 each, tax already included. But they’re bigger than Cherry Bomb’s. They also have very cute packaging for individual cupcakes, if you want to give it as a little present. You have to pay a little extra for them though.



Other bakeries to try: Kickass, Petsi Pies, Lyndell’s, Party Favors & Lulu’s!

– Charmin Bear T


One response to “Boston Cupcake Wars

  1. Marlana Yee says:

    yea I hate cupcakes too. Why are they so damn popular?!!?

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