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New York City: January 4

on January 6, 2011

Je’Bon @ 15 St Marks Place (Between 2nd & 3rd Ave)

Je'Bon - Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Je'Bon - Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Happy New Year! 2011 will be a great foodie year, where our palettes will get to enjoy more yummy flavors and textures of food. Some of my sisters came up from Boston for interviews and of course, the eclectic menus of NYC. My lito, Marlana is a vegeterian so I took them to St. Marks for Japanese. We wandered to a Pan-Asian themed restaurant called Je’bon because it offered sushi, noodles, and more. As the other girls ordered sushi, I ordered their special spicy beef noodle soup. Service was slow! The place wasn’t even that busy. The waitress didn’t order one of the sushi correctly. The place was clean with modern accents. This bowl of noodle was deceiving to the eye. It looked and smelled delish, but upon tasting the broth, it was bland and mildly spicy. Beef was over cooked. It reminded me of a bad bowl of pho. Prob will not return, but the sushi wasn’t too bad.

– Charmin Bear J


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