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San Francisco: December 31 – January 5

on January 7, 2011

Pacific Catch @ 2027 Chestnut Street

I went back to SF to visit my boyfriend for New Year’s. Our first stop after I got off the plane was Pacific Catch, one of my favorite haunts in the city now. As usual, I started off with the Sweet Potato Fries, just as delicious as I last remembered. I went on to get a Seared Ahi Wasabi Bowl. The ahi wasn’t great quality, but the combination of everything was tasty. For those that forgot, a wasabi bowl is made up of wakame salad, avocado, daikon sprouts, cucumber, ginger, sesame seeds, shredded nori seaweed and your choice or white or brown riced mixed with soy-wasabi sauce.

Pacific Catch - Seared Ahi Wasabi Bowl

Seared Ahi Wasabi Bowl

Brandon ordered the Sticky Ribs Korean Barbecue Bowl, which was okay. The wasabi bowl had more character. The Korean Barbecue Bowl wasn’t anything too special.

Pacific Catch - Sticky Ribs Korean Barbecue Bowl

Sticky Ribs Korean Barbecue Bowl

Ramen Dojo @ 805 South B Street

How come all the great ramen places are outside the city? Okay, fine, cheaper rent. What else!? I guess there are also tons of crazy people like me, who all are willing to travel for a delicious bowl of ramen. When we got here, there was a little wait, but we got our table for two in a reasonable amount of time. The place was relatively small, but had a nice modern decor. Both Brandon and I got the Garlic Pork Broth (mild spicy) and added corn. I thought it was okay. I wasn’t a huge fan of the noodles. I also developed a sensitive palette recently, I thought it was too spicy, even for mild. The roasted pork was okay. Solid ramen, but I still like Santa better.

Ramen Dojo - Garlic Pork Mild Spicy Ramen

Garlic Pork Mild Spicy Ramen

Ramen Dojo - Menu


Thanh Long @ 4101 Judah Street

Does anyone else think classy Vietnamese restaurant is an oxymoron? Maybe it’s just me. This sounds awful, but I like my Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai food in dingy restaurants. It feels more authentic! The nicer places usually focus more on external things like plating and decor, which are important, but then they skimp out on taste and food quality.

We came to Thanh Long to eat some Asian Crabs (Dungeness Crabs prepared Asian style) with Brandon’s roommates. This is my second time eating this, which seems to be quite popular in SF. We got two Roast Crabs, one for each couple. It was tossed in garlic sauce and some kind of secret spices (according to the menu). I think my biggest problem with the idea of Asian crabs is, you cook the entire thing, shell included, how are the sauces/spices suppose to get to the meat? I end up with plain crab meat that I have to dip into the sauce.

Thanh Long - Roast Crab

Roast Crab

Garlic noodles were good, but a bit too oily for me.

Thanh Long - Garlic Noodles

Garlic Noodles

The Shaken Beef was New York steak cut into small cubes marinated in a very yummy sauce, served with the mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and potatoes. This was my favorite. Why? I didn’t have to cut through cow hide to get to my meat. Plus, I love potatoes!

Thanh Long - Shaken Beef

Shaken Beef

The restaurant was good, but I don’t think I’m going to come again. I’m going to stay away from crabs unless someone takes the meat out for me :)

Brenda’s @ 652 Polk Street

We came to Brenda’s for brunch one day. It’s a small rectangular restaurant with two long rows of tables, one row against each wall. Once you enter, there is a giant chalk board on the right, where you put your name down for the wait list.

We eventually sat down and started ordering a feast. The pancakes came out first. It was okay. I felt it needed a stronger butter taste. It was really bland. I still crave the ones from Eggs N’ Things, which will forever be my standard from now on.

Brenda's - Pancakes


Brandon order Two Eggs Any Way You Like ‘Em, which came with potato hash, cream biscuit, the eggs and sausage (other choices were ham and bacon). Nothing too special.

Brenda's - Two Eggs Any Way You Like 'Em

Two Eggs Any Way You Like 'Em

Here comes the star of our meal: Beignets! For those who don’t know, it’s basically fried dough in a pastry puff form. I got greedy and decided to order the Beignet Flight because I couldn’t choose just one to try. The plate came with one Plain, one Chocolate, one Granny Smith Apple and one Crawfish beignet. It looks all the same on the outside, but you have to cut inside to see the good stuff. My favorite was the Crawfish Beignet, which had chopped crawfish, drenched in a cayenne, scallion and cheddar cheese sauce. Delicious! The Granny Smith Apple one was also good. I was too full to get to the chocolate one, what a waste. It was Ghirardelli’s melted chocolate too! My favorite! I bet it was good though :T

Brenda's - Beignet Flight

Beignet Flight

I’ll return and just order the Beignets :)

Thai Spice @ 1730 Polk Street

For a quick dinner, we decided to get some Thai food at a restaurant nearby with Brandon’s roommates and my sorority Big Sister. We ordered a variety of things and shared. First up is the Fried Tofu & String Bean, which was pretty good. I like that the tofu was crispy and the sauce was yummy. The string beans also had a good crunch to them. I hate it when they’re soggy.

Thai Spice - Tofu & String Bean

Tofu & String Bean

We also ordered Red Curry with Chicken. This was a pretty good dish as well. I wish I had more curry though.

Thai Spice - Red Curry

Red Curry

I ordered the Pad See You with Beef. This was my favorite dish of the night. I really like eating flat rice noodles and the dish had a good flavor. Some places make it too bland. The downside was there wasn’t enough noodles to go around.

Thai Spice - Pad See You

Pad See You

The Spicy Basil Fried Rice was an average dish that was forgettable. It was good, but I don’t really like fried rice because there’s usually a lot of oil involved.

Thai Spice - Spicy Basil Fried Rice

Spicy Basil Fried Rice

Brandon decided to be all fancy and order something not on the menu, he got the Rad Na with Beef. It was mediocre. I remember the gravy not being flavorful enough for me.

Thai Spice - Rad Na

Rad Na

The portions here were pretty small, the only exception being the Rad Na. I probably won’t ask to come back, but wouldn’t mind returning at the request of others.

Orenchi’s Ramen @ 3540 Homestead Road

This restaurant was located all the way in Santa Clara, an hour drive from the city. My boyfriend drove me all the way down here just so I can eat some awesome ramen. I love this place. $9 and it basically comes with every topping I want already: soft boiled egg and pork. My only gripe would be where’s the corn!? The broth was full of flavor and the noodles were standard.

Orenchi's - Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

I wish I could come every weekend but it’s a lot to ask since it’s so far from the city :( BOOOO!

That basically wraps it up for my SF trip. It was a nice vacation for my tummy. My last stop was Ghirardelli’s for my sundae, but I already wrote a review on that. Here’s a picture of my sundae for you dessert lovers :)

Ghirardelli - Banana Sundae

Banana Sundae

I’ll be back very soon SF!

– Charmin Bear T


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