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Brooklyn: January 12

on January 12, 2011

Purple Yam @ 1314 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn

So my new roommate Kat and I wanted to explore Cortelyou Road. Apparently, it’s the most popular street around the Flatbush neighborhood since it offered a variety of restaurants, shops and bars. My boyfriend and realtor both suggested Purple Yam to check out. I’ve never actually had purple yams before…

Purple Yam - Kimchi & Scallion Pancake

Purple Yam - Kimchi & Scallion Pancake

Kimchi & scallion pancakes were our default choice in appetizer. It was ok. Pancake batter was kind of thick. But it held a good amount of kimchi :) I think the Koreans make it alot better.

Purple Yam - Chicken Adobo

Purple Yam - Chicken Adobo

My roommate ordered the classic chicken adobo dish. The chicken was braised in vinegar, garlic, soy sauce. It was my first time trying this as well. I didn’t really like it because of the vinegar. The tartness was too overpowering for my tastebuds and for $16 bucks, I didn’t think it was worth it. Neither did my roommate, because she left the leftovers in my fridge for me.

Purple Yam - Pancit Bihon

Purple Yam - Pancit Bihon

Philippine rice noodles with ground pork, shrimp & veggies. One word. Bland. Very under-seasoned. I wanted to throw a lot of soy sauce on it. The hard boiled eggs were my favorite part of the dish =X Noodles were ok in terms of texture, but I was craving for another layer of flavor.

I don’t personally recommend this restaurant. After reading on Yelp, even the Filipinos were dissatisfied with the way food were seasoned/cooked. My first time eating this type of cuisine and I am very disappointed.

-Charmin Bear J


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