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Washington D.C.: March 26

on April 15, 2011

Captain White’s Seafood City @ 1100 Maine Ave SW

On our way to the Tidal Basin where the Cherry Blossoms grew, there were a large number of fresh seafood markets. The aroma of fresh seafood is intoxicating to some, but not me. Here, you can find a range from crayfish to clams, raw or cooked. After our surprise stumble upon this “seafood city” we waited in line to order fresh clams and oysters as well as chowders and gumbos.

Captain White - Fresh Clams and Oysters

Captain White - Fresh Clams and Oysters

Terry had half a dozen each of fresh oysters and clams, all shucked in front of you. I initially didn’t want to try any of the shellfish. The texture is very off-putting for me. But I thought, might as well try it :) For my first time, I had fresh oysters and clams. I still feel the same about the texture. The freshly-squeezed lemon juice and cocktail sauce did help mask the ocean smell.

Captain White - Seafood Gumbo

Captain White - Seafood Gumbo

Ordered a seafood gumbo since I didn’t want to spoil the night’s dinner. Broth was good. You can taste the seafood because they included fresh mussels, shrimps, and squid. I added the crackers for texture.

Paper Moon @ 1069 31st St NW (between N Canal St & Blues Aly)

I was looking to end my DC trip with a great Italian meal. Instead, I wasted money here at Paper Moon.

First of all, how does the name Paper Moon not confuse people? It is a very Asian-sounding name. Second, Yelp is pretty accurate with its rating system. Two and a half stars, but we still ended up going because there was no wait for dinner. I knew it was a bad idea. We were seated promptly. No one came to acknowledge our existence until we flagged someone down. We got our bread literally 5 minutes before our meals came. Sigh!

Paper Moon - Fried Ravioli

Paper Moon - Fried Ravioli

The fried meat raviolis were an appetizer. It tasted like it came out of a frozen bag. Hard on the outside, nothing substantial on the inside.

Paper Moon - Scallop Pasta

Paper Moon - Scallop Pasta

So, I thought the scallop pasta would of been better. Boy was I wrong. Again, the scallops were perfect bite sized pieces, that resembled frozen scallops out of a bag. Pasta sauce was bland and presentation also lacked any creativity. One word: FAILED.

Next time, I will do my research ahead of time and trust my instincts.

– Charmin Bear J


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