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Gaithersburg, Maryland: March 26

on April 17, 2011

Pho Nam Restaurant @ 15942 Shady Grove Rd

Saturday morning seemed ideal for a light lunch before we went to see the Cherry Blossoms in the Capitol. I’ve been to many pho places in my lifetime and sadly, Pho Nam didn’t make it to the top of the list. This place takes only cash (Bank of America is right next door) and you pay at the front.

Pho Nam - Sliced Beef and Meatballs Pho

Pho Nam - Sliced Beef and Meatballs Pho

Overall, the soup was mediocre. The portion size is on the smaller end for a bowl of pho. It costs 6 dollars! I’ve eaten bigger bowls of noodle soups for around 4-5 dollars. Their Vietnamese style coffee didn’t even fill to the top and it cost around 2 dollars. Service was horrendous. Water was not filled until we asked. The server wanted to skip me while everyone else at my table already ordered because there were people waiting at the door. Then he gave me the excuse – “Oh, there’s other people waiting.” Well, you know what, too bad! We waited for our turn to order as well. I ordered meatballs with sliced beef flanks. The sliced beef was hard in texture. Overcooked? because it wasn’t raw when it came out of the kitchen. So disappointed.

Unfortunately, I will not be returning because it’s not worth it for the price or service. There are other pho places around Rockville that I could check out next time.

– Charmin Bear J


One response to “Gaithersburg, Maryland: March 26

  1. allisonylu says:

    there’s a new place that opened recently…it’s called pho nom nom haha cute right? i’ll take u there next time

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