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Rockville, Maryland: March 27

on April 19, 2011

The Original Pancake House @ 12224 Rockville Pike

There are three locations for TOPH. The one I visited for a Sunday morning brunch was at the Rockville location. The other two locations are in Falls Church and Bethesda, MD. The wait was ridiculously long. We originally had 8 people. Some were late, some couldn’t make it after a weekend of hardcore partying. My only gripe was that patrons could only be seated til all guests arrived. Five of us ended up eating after an hour of waiting. In comparison to the other chain diners like IHOP or Denny’s, this diner itself was very small with a main dining area and a smaller back dining area. Make sure you’re here early or be prepared to wait with a sea of people.

Original Pancake House - Buttermilk Pancakes

Original Pancake House - Buttermilk Pancakes

These buttermilk pancakes were scrumptious. It was soft and fluffy. The maple syrup added a nice sweet touch to the pancakes. Skip the butter! I don’t think it’s necessary. Definitely a must try because it’s what the TOPH is known for. The menu offers other varieties from sweet to savory, from crepes to full dinner meals.

Original Pancake House - Eggs Benedict

Original Pancake House - Eggs Benedict

The eggs benedict was a disappointment. I’ve definitely had better. The hollandaise sauce was too thick and lacked any kind of flavor. I just ended up eating the eggs and Canadian ham. I thought the english muffin was mediocre. It wasn’t soft but more on the hard side (kinda like eating old bread). The hash browns on the other hand was wicked good because it was done right. Crunchy and soft with a nice texture. It’s a successful recipe for hash browns.

Would I come here again? Yes, to probably try the apple pancakes (as recommended by our waitress) and maybe the crepes since they were a specialty on the menu. However, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the other popular diners around the area.

– Charmin Bear J


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