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Boys Will Be Boys

on April 30, 2011

Charmin Bear J & her doggies paid Boston a visit last week.  I met Milo for the first time  and I have to say, he is one special dog.  He’s ridiculously cute!  I love that Milo doesn’t bark much.  He has a very friendly disposition.  He’s very playful and likes to chase the others around.  His personality is very much like Ted’s actually.  Too much so.  Did I ever tell you guys Ted’s full name is Teddy “The Destroyer” Le?  When Milo & Ted met and tag-teamed over the weekend, this was the aftermath.

TP Tornado

Living Room

TP Tornado

The Leader of Operation TP - Milo

You think that’s bad?  It’s not all.  Those two got hold of Charmin Bear J’s bag, which was home to doggy treats and toothpaste.

Dog Treats

Dog Treats

It looked like rats, two giant rats named Milo & Ted to be exact, chewed through the bag to get to the super smelly treats.  We knew it wasn’t Mochi or FM because the treats have a serious stench.  The boys still had it emanating from their mouths, while the girls smelled like angels and babies.

Chicken Flavored Toothpaste

Chicken Flavored Toothpaste

The two destroyers bit a giant hole in the the chicken flavored toothpaste.  Milo is still a puppy, but I have no excuse for Ted.  I bet those two bonded very well that day  though :T

– Charmin Bear T


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