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Boston Catch Up: April 20

on May 10, 2011

Khao Sarn @ 250 Harvard St, Brookline (At Longwood Ave)

Maybe I should just stay away from eating Thai food at new places. I usually know what to get. The same ‘ol dishes. One of my friends, David, suggested another Thai restaurant for me. I figured, I might as well try it since I’m back for a few days to visit.

Khao Sarn - Thai Ice Tea

Khao Sarn - Thai Ice Tea

The Thai ice tea was good. Not too sweet not too bitter. I’m not sure if anyone can mess up Thai ice tea. If they did, shame on them..

Khao Sarn - Mango Salad

Khao Sarn - Mango Salad

I love mango! So, I thought I would enjoy this dish alot. Made with shredded mango, ginger, cilantro, red onions & shrimp in a mild dressing, I was not that impressed. I especially hate bigger cuts of ginger. I ate it a couple of times thinking it was mango…nonetheless, it ruined the tastebuds because its so strong and spicy. There were alot of onions in the mix and the dressing needed to be stronger to balance out the other flavors…

Khao Sarn - Tom Yum Goong

Khao Sarn - Tom Yum Goong

Most popular soup to order. It was suppose to be spicy, tangy and made with shrimp, lemongrass, lime juice and mushrooms. Jimmy ate all the white mushrooms for me :) since I didn’t like them floating around. There was 2 prawns of good size. It was a bit spicy and not too salty. Flavor wise, I didn’t feel like there was a lot of depth in the broth. Could be better.

Khao Sarn - Chicken Ga Prow

Khao Sarn - Chicken Ga Prow

I would always order the ground pork version at Dok Bua (down the street). The chicken ga prow here wasn’t too bad. It had nice flavors. Ga prows are usually cooked with ground chicken or beef in a spicy chili garlic sauce with peppers, onions, sweet basil leaves. The basil is the most important ingredient that defines this dish. Perfect texture and flavors to accompany with jasmine rice!

Khao Sarn - Beef Pad See Ew

Khao Sarn - Beef Pad See Ew

I ordered the beef pad see ew. It’s a simple noodle dish that I enjoy very much. The common ingredients that makes up a pad see ew includes your choice of meat, wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli & eggs with a gravy sauce. There wasn’t much sauce in this dish and the color was kind of light which means, not alot of soy sauce was used. I couldn’t eat all of it, so I packed it up. It actually tasted better when I ate it for leftovers =X

Overall, my feeling for this restaurant. Service was slow. We couldn’t find our waiter when it was time to get the check. He disappeared completely. Water was refilled maybe once. Decor was pretty and the atmosphere was relaxed. Prices, though was a thumbs down. It was too mediocre in taste to be charging that much. Probably will never return. It’s not that memorable. I’ve eaten better Thai food elsewhere.

– Charmin Bear J


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