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Boston: Japanese Jubilee

on May 31, 2011

Hello Hello!

I just realized I haven’t written a food post since January.  I can’t believe how long it has been!  I don’t even know where to start at this point because I might have stopped posting, but I haven’t stopped eating.  Anyway, this post will be dedicated to Japanese food, which is one of my favorite cuisines.  I love Asian culinary in general though :)

Fugakyu Japanese Cuisine @ 1280 Beacon Street

First stop is Fugakyu Japanese Cuisine located in Brookline.  At some point in time, I thought Fugakyu was starting to become obsolete, they couldn’t keep up with the growing competition.  A lot of sushi restaurants were opening up all across the surrounding area.  I haven’t gone back in a while, but decided to after my roommate started working there again.  Boy, have things changed.  The waitstaff are no longer wearing the traditional kimonos, but button up shirts and ties.  Everyone is friendly and can articulate the menu very well.  They’ve spruced up their food quite a bit and kept all their best dishes.

My favorite appetizer would probably have to be their Spicy Salmon Salad (featured in the top left corner of picture).  What’s actually on the menu is Spicy Tuna Salad, but I always ask them to change it to Salmon since I prefer the taste.  It’s mostly chopped up salmon mixed with spicy mayo and tempura crumbs.  Other noteworthy appetizers include Seafood Kaiyaki, Spicy Seafood Salad (featured in bottom left corner of picture) and Chilean Sea Bass.

Fugakyu - Appetizers


Sushi Flight is a relatively new item on their menu.  It’s one of their organic items and is quite costly ($20).  It is a 6 piece maki concoction with various toppings.  The maki base is made up of toasted garlic rice wrapped around avocado, onion and raw scallop.  The toppings, from top left to bottom right 1) chopped salmon mixed with spicy mayo and tempura crumb topped with jalapeno, 2) spicy seafood (kanikama with spicy mayo) topped with scallion, 3) eel and avocado over eel sauce, 4) tuna and avocado over chili sauce, 5) seared salmon topped with real crab meat, and 6) spicy scallop (scallion, spicy mayo, fish roe).

Fugakyu - Sushi Flight

Sushi Flight

We also ordered various sushi and makimono.  Some of my favorites are Catepillar Maki (eel, cucumber and fish roe topped with avocado), Black Forest maki (eel, sweet potato, cucumber covered in black fish roe), Spicy Salmon Maki (ask for no chop and add avocado), Squid sushi, Hotategai (spicy scallop) sushi.  Other makis that I recommend are Louisiana Maki, Dragon Maki, Fugakyu Maki, Crazy Maki, Spicy Scallop Maki.

Fugakyu - Assorted Sushi

Assorted Sushi

Fugakyu - Assorted Sushi 2

Assorted Sushi

Since my roommate works here and I know another manager, I get a lot of special treatment.  They always make a special appetizer or maki for us to eat.  The mini sushi is one of my favorites purely for cuteness.  As for the other concoctions, they don’t even have names.  I can’t ask for them again even if I wanted to.  What it does tell me though is Fugakyu has potential for greatness.  They have some talented sushi chefs that should be adding more things to the menu.

Fugakyu - Mini Sushi

Mini Sushi

Fugakyu - Special Sushi 1

Fugakyu - Special Maki

Fugakyu - Special Sushi 2

Special Sushi

Fugakyu - Special Sushi 3

Special Sushi

Despite the free appetizers, I still find Fugakyu’s menu to be a bit expensive.  I do, however, think that their portions are quite generous and the fish is very fresh.  Needless to say, I have been visiting very frequently lately :T

Pikaichi @ 1 Brighton Avenue

Pikaichi took over the location that formerly belonged to Ken’s Ramen.  Good riddance!  Ken’s was good, but it’s no Pikaichi.  The new Japanese shop is operated by past Cafe Mami owners, which means delicious food!  The current menu is quite limited since I think they are still trying to test out the water.  They separate their offerings into three categories: donburi (rice bowls), curry, and ramen.  I’ve tried one of each so far!

Let’s start off with donburi.  I tried the Tatsuta Don (Boneless Chicken with Eggs & Onions).  I wish there was a bit more sauce, a bit more egg and a bit more meat.  They literally gave me two long pieces of chicken.  It just covered the top of the rice.  I have a very big appetite for 95 lb little Asian girl.

Pikaichi - Tatsuta Don

Tatsuta Don

Next up, Pikaichi ramen.  I had my doubts about miso based ramen (I’m a tonkotsu girl), but it turned out to be pretty yummy.  It seemed like the soup had been stewing for a day, all the flavors were very present.  The minced pork meat probably helped a bit too in terms of taste.  They already include corn, brownie points for them!  If you want an egg, you have to pay for it on the side.  I’m not complaining though, $9 for a big bowl of ramen is more than reasonable.  I would say this is probably one of the best in Boston.

Pikaichi - Pikaichi Ramen

Pikaichi Ramen

Finally, curry! I got the Pork Katsu Curry and paid extra for a sunny side up egg.  I had high expectations for this.  They were the previous owners of Cafe Mami after all!  The curry itself was thick in consistency, which I liked.  I guess the problem I had was the katsu.  The meat was sliced really thin.  I felt like I was eating a strip of meat from an anorexic cow.  I definitely prefer a thicker cut.  I will still come back, but will order it with boneless chicken next time.

Pikaichi - Pork Katsu Curry

Pork Katsu Curry

I can’t wait for Pikaichi to expand its menu.  Porter square has been too far to satisfy my curry cravings.  I am very excited about this restaurant opening up.  Despite minor flaws, I will keep coming back!

Genki Ya @ 231 Alewife Brook Parkway

I made my way to Genki Ya because I purchased a Yelp deal, $25 for $50 worth of food.  The sushi restaurant boasts of organic sushi.  Honestly, I don’t even know what this really means, nor do I really care.  As long as it taste good, I have no qualms about eating organic or non-organic food.

Featured below is probably my favorite sushi roll of the night – the Volcano roll.  It’s a shrimp tempura maki covered in a spicy seafood salad, which includes baked scallop, kanikama, shrimp, mushrooms, tempura flakes, fish roe, cucumber and spicy mayo all mixed together.

Genki Ya - Volcano Roll

Volcano Roll

The Double Spicy Tuna roll was pretty good.  It’s a spicy tuna maki topped with more spicy tuna and fish roe.

Genki Ya - Double Spicy Tuna Roll

Double Spicy Tuna Roll

The Triple Torch roll was lacking for me.  I felt that the fish should have been cut thicker, rather than wider and thinner.  Personally, I feel that torching (“searing”) usually means there should be a browning or even blackening of the meat/fish.  The resulting caramelized crust is very nice on the palette.  Instead, it just tasted like cooked fish.

Genki Ya - Triple Torch Roll

Triple Torch Roll

The Super Dragon roll had a bit too much sweet potato for me.  I felt that the flavors were overly simple for a maki priced at $12.95 + tax.  It was just sweet potato tempura, covered in rice, topped with eel and avocado.  Although ingredients were fresh, I generally love makis because you can put so many different foods together to complement each other.  It was a good roll, I was just a little bored.

Genki Ya - Super Dragon Roll

Super Dragon Roll

I, honestly, don’t think I’ve been completely wooed by Genki Ya.  I’ve tried the Brookline location many times and then I came to their new Cambridge location because of the Yelp deal.  Although the sushi was slightly above average, there’s nothing that I am hooked to that would keep me coming back

Additionally, in terms of location, this place was seriously difficult to get to.  We couldn’t turn into the lot that Genki Ya was in from the direction we were coming from.  We had to drive right past it, make a round about, and get back to the right side of the road.  It was such a hassle!  Luckily there’s a location in Brookline, so if I ever want to go back, I’d go to that location.  It is a nice cute restaurant with wonderful waitstaff, but not very accessible for me.  So this will probably be the first and last time we ever meet.

– Charmin Bear T


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