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Boston: Brandon’s Food Experience – Breakfast and Brunch

on June 1, 2011

I’ve been so ridiculously behind that I have months and months worth of stuff to update. Using dates as part of the title would just cause major confusion, so I decided to categorize them by occasion instead. This will encompass all the food I’ve eaten with my bf during the times he came to visit. It’s going to be long so I decided to split it into multiple parts. I’m going to start with the first meal of the day – breakfast/brunch

The Breakfast Club @ 270 Western Avenue

One of my snotty roommates recommended that we try the Breakfast Club.  It’s a small diner located on a relatively small and unpopular street in Brighton.  Our car rental was nearby so we decided to give it a try.

I ordered the Atlantic, which is eggs benedict over salmon instead of the usual ham.  I thought this was a solid effort.  The hollandaise sauce did not have a very uneven consistency, too thin for my liking.  The salmon was okay, could be fresher.  The potatoes were a bit oily.  But I can’t complain since it was only $10 and diner food.

The Breakfast Club - Atlantic


Brandon ordered the Basket Case, one of their “Library Specials.” It included two eggs (any style you like), home fries, bacon/sausage/or ham, english muffin or toast, and two pancakes or french toast.  All that for $8!  The pancakes were fairly edible.  I feel as though Eggs ‘N Things in Honolulu has ruined me for life when it comes to pancakes.  Nothing compares anymore :(

The Breakfast Club - Basket Case 1

The Basket Case

The Breakfast Club - Basket Case 2

The Basket Case

I’m not the type that needs to be wined and dined a lot.  I actually really enjoy going to cheap places and eating diner food.  Although it wasn’t exactly high quality food, I thought the prices were more than reasonable.  I would be a frequent customer if it was more easily accessible.

Om @ 92 Winthrop Street

Brandon really likes breakfast and brunch food, so we paid a visit to Om in Harvard Square.  I couldn’t really think of many places that serve brunch on a non-Sunday in Boston.  Union Bar & Grille is usually very busy on weekends for brunch.  We were desperately hungry, so we settled for second best.

Om normally serves Asian Fusion food, but also offers a brunch menu during lunch hours.  It’s a very modern and chic place that acts as a restaurant during the day and transforms into a lounge after hours.

I got the Country Style Breakfast.  I didn’t like it at all.  The poached eggs were served in a weird separate bowl and the yolk was already oozing out before I even touched it.  The small cut up home fries were too small, which means more surface area to soak up the oil.  The bacon was nothing to rave about.  The mushroom was bland.

Om - Country Style Breakfast

Country Style Breakfast

Brandon got the Stuffed French Toast.  What is it stuffed with?  Supposedly chocolate and bananas.  It smelled so good!  We were dying to try it.  When we finally got a bite, we were utterly disappointed.  The “toast” was really soggy and bland.  I didn’t really taste much chocolate.  Even the syrup didn’t help that much for me.

Om - Stuffed French Toast

Stuffed French Toast

I would not return to Om.  Although the service was great, I felt that the restaurant was a bit pretentious.  The food is not particularly outstanding, but they dress themselves up to be an upscale restaurant.  My Country Style Breakfast from Om, for example, consisted of bacon, eggs, home fries and a random mushroom for $10.  Look at Brandon’s Basket Case from the Breakfast Club.  It included more food and at a 20% discount.  I really don’t think that one mushroom was worth $2+.  I guarantee you, it was no truffle.  Just because you added a mushroom to it, doesn’t make it “classy.”  I also think that the Breakfast Club arguably had better breakfast/brunch food.

So my message for this post is: Boston needs more and better brunch places.

– Charmin Bear T


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