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Bad Hair Days

on June 7, 2011

Summer’s finally here at last.  The arrival of warm weather also means it’s time for a hair cut for Ted.  I tried booking an appointment at some snooty groomers on Newbury Street but everything was all booked up.  I decided that it was okay to trust a local pet store near my house.   I brought Ted to the store on a Saturday afternoon.  I was greeted kindly and promptly.

Groomer: So you want him shaved?
Me: Yes, please.
Groomer: How short?
Me: Pretty short.
Groomer: Okay, he should be ready in about an hour.  We’ll call you when Teddy’s all set.

One hour later, I got my call.  I took FM with me to go pick Ted up.  When I got there, I didn’t see him.  Out comes the groomer with this funny looking dog.

Ted the Bobble Head

Ted the Bobble Head

Ted the Bobble Head

Ted the Bobble Head

Ted the Bobble Head

Ted the Bobble Head

As much as I love my dog, I couldn’t stop laughing at him.  I told the groomer, “that’s my boyfriend’s worst nightmare.”  The groomer left him with a disproportionate head, a fluffy round tail and a completely shaved body.  Brandon is not going to walk him.  Heck!  Even I was a little embarrassed walking him the next two days.  Every time he turned around and looked at me with that giant head, I burst out with laughter.  The groomer offered to fix it if my boyfriend decided he didn’t like it.  Actually, I didn’t like it either.  I was just too busy laughing to be mad.  Ever since he got the haircut, things have changed.  Ted’s usually quite unpopular with other dogs.  He’s like the annoying little brother that no one wants to play with.  But after the haircut, even my friend’s antisocial dog started following him around and wouldn’t stop bothering him.  Unfortunately for Ted, he only got the attention of male dogs.

Well, I took him back today after two days of Bobble Head Ted.  I asked them to shorten the “mane.”  Here is his new look!

New Ted

New Ted

New Ted

New Ted

So much better!  He looks like a boy again.  I’m quite happy.  He’s a Pomeranian disguised as a Shiba Inu :)  I hope Ted will be able to fend off the male advances now and maybe pick up a few ladies while he’s at it!

– Charmin Bear T


One response to “Bad Hair Days

  1. Mars says:

    awww the bobby head was too funny

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