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Boston: Brandon’s Food Experience – American

on June 19, 2011

I’m going to stop writing long introductions about why I am going out to eat and just focusing on the restaurant and food.  My laundry list of restaurants to write about is getting unmanageable.  I’m sure no one likes to read my ramblings anyway!

EVOO @ 350 Third Street

EVOO is an acronym for “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” from Peter McCarthy, the owner.  Their menu is completely organic (*shudder* here’s my wallet) and consists of “home grown” ingredients.  The owner feels strongly about supporting local producers, which is very kind of him.  If you go through his menu, he likes to tell customers where the ingredients are from, such as “Equinox Farm’s Baby Greens,” or “Misty Knoll Farm’s Chicken Breast.”  The menu itself consists of a very small, specialized list of items, but with all the descriptions, it gets a little lengthy to read.  Anyway, the cool thing about EVOO is that they have three appetizers and three entrees that stays consistently on the menu, the rest changes daily, probably based on seasonality of the ingredients.  The decor and atmosphere of the restaurant is also quite modern and lovely to observe.  Great for a date, but also great for a special occasion with the girls.

We started out with the Three Different Spring Rolls.  Honestly, I didn’t even notice they tasted different at first since my boyfriend and I split it.  We ate separate ones without realizing that they’re not the same.  I did enjoy it.  I liked that it was crispy, but not oily.  The greens helped alleviate the heaviness and left refreshing flavor.  The appetizer also comes with two sauces.  I definitely preferred the more peanuty creamy sauce over the vinegary one.

Evoo - Three Different Spring Rolls

Three Different Spring Rolls

For my main course, I chose a signature dish, Duck Duck Goose.  I love the way the slices of goose breast was cleverly placed.  It looks like how children sit around a circle while playing the game “duck duck goose.”  I actually didn’t really care for the duck.  I thought it was a bit dry and bland.  Duck confit is normally very flavorful since it’s been preserved to enhance flavor.  The goose breast, on the other hand, was juicy and soaked in a good deal of the sauce.   The Foie Gras was also amazing on my palette (I love Foie Gras).

Evoo - Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose

Brandon’s Turf n’ Surf only makes special appearances every now and then.  It’s part of the menu that changes daily.  It’s basically deep fried chicken sausage and crab.  It’s a bit on the heavier side for my taste, but the boyfriend loved it.

Evoo - Turf n' Surf

Turf n' Surf

We went on to share an Apple Rhubarb Crisp with Toasted Oat, topped with pecan and a scoop of sage ice cream.  So good! I’m a sucker for warm desserts served with ice cream.  I especially enjoyed the sage flavor.  I was a bit hesitant at first since I’ve had other herb ice creams before and was turned off by it.  The sage taste was very subtle though and it wasn’t too sweet at all.  I couldn’t get enough.

Evoo - Apple Rhubard Crisp

Apple Rhubard Crisp

The restaurant also has impeccable service.  Our waiter was very patient and helpful.  I really enjoyed eating at this restaurant.  It is a bit expensive though.  My entree alone was $28.  Be ready to shell out $50+ per person.

Union Oyster House @ 41 Union Street

Union Oyster House boasts that it is the oldest restaurant in America, which very well can be true considering how old and obsolete Boston is.  The restaurant itself also looks quite run down.  There’s a lot of history displayed on the walls.  There are quite a few tables, but it’s the oyster bars that are usually packed full.

Brandon and I were actually full from lunch and only came here for a snack.  We each ordered our own bowl of Clam Chowder.  It was creamy and yummy.  There’s not a lot to nitpick about here.  The ingredients were fresh and it was chock full of flavor!

Union Oyster House - Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

We also ordered the Mussels, which came basque style (steamed in garlic and white wine).  I originally thought it would come out pretty bland.  I normally prefer a red sauce tossed in, but it turned out to be really good.  It tasted very fresh and had minimal sand.  Although they do warn that it may be sandy sometimes.

Union Oyster House - Mussels


I’m not sure if I care to come back since I’m not crazy about seafood.  I did enjoy the mussels, so I may come back for happy hour or just a snack.

Technique @ 215 1st Street

Technique is a student-ran restaurant located inside Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge.  The real attractive thing about this restaurant is that for $10, you get a three course lunch meal.  For $15, you can have a 5 course dinner!  But the downside is the “chefs” and “servers” frequently change. Technique to Le Cordon Bleu is the equivalent of a normal college student’s capstone class or senior thesis, where they have to put to use everything they’ve learned.  They spend about six weeks at Technique learning to run a restaurant.  They do various tasks ranging from front end, waiting on tables, to back end, doing the actual cooking.  The menu requires that they know a bunch of techniques (braising, sauteing, grilling, etc.) , hence the name.  So depending on when you go and what group of students you get, things like service and food can vary greatly.

I came for lunch and started out with the Three Onion Soup Gratin.  Though it wasn’t lacking in flavor, it was too watery.  I like my soups thicker.

Technique - Three Onion Soup Gratin

Three Onion Soup Gratin

The Braised Pork Belly was really dry, didn’t have much real flavor and was extremely salty.  It was also mostly fat and contained very little actual pork.

Technique - Braised Pork Belly

Braised Pork Belly

Most of the desserts though, were great!  I had the Trio of Profiteroles (Three flavors of Ice Cream Puffs) and I wanted more.  I didn’t care for the chocolate or caramel flavor, but the vanilla was so refreshing.

Technique - Trio of Profiteroles

Trio of Profiteroles

My boyfriend got the Simply Apple Pie.  I didn’t care for the crust, it wasn’t crispy enough for me.  The apples didn’t taste as fresh as I would like either.  I also would’ve enjoyed a little more ice cream on top.

Technique - Simply Apple Pie

Simply Apple Pie

The Pumpkin Creme Brulee was creamy, perfectly sweet and had me craving for more.  The sugar on top was torched to perfection and had a nice caramelized taste.

Technique - Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

I want to come back and try other things.  It’s so affordable too!  Even if some of the items come out subpar you’re really not losing much.

– Charmin Bear T


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  1. mars says:

    hmm i may try technique now. doesnt look too bad;)

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