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Flushing: Bubble Tea

on June 25, 2011

Kung Fu Tea 功夫茶 @ 37-14 Main St

Kung Fu Bubble Tea

Kung Fu Bubble Tea

After rave reviews for Kung Fu Tea – we decided to try it when we went to Flushing. As usual, we got our black and green milk bubble tea. Charmin Bear T and I were both shocked to how sweet the tea and tapioca pearls tasted. First impression was not that good. It tasted better after my ice finally melted. I’ve been here a few times after. Second time, I told them to make it with less sugar. The third time, when I walked in, the smell of sugar hung heavily in the air. The drinks were still super sweet. There was also something about the tea that was off putting to our taste buds. Maybe there wasn’t enough tea and too much cream. I love how their slogan is about using real kungfu to make this drink. But in actually, they’re using machines to shake the drinks. FAILED. On the plus side, their tapioca was perfect in its chewy texture. The atmosphere evokes some sort of mysterious mood with the black and white decor. Even their straws were black.

Chatime @ 40-10 Main St

Chatime Bubble Tea

Chatime Bubble Tea

Charmin Bear T was not satisfied with her KFT drink so we found another place called Chatime. Tea flavors was definitely there, much more prominent. Tapioca was chewy and not too sweet. When I walked by here the last time I was back, there was a line out the door. Balanced in flavors and creamy, we both approve of this bubble tea shop. I will be sure to try a green milk tea the next time I’m back in Flushing.

– Charmin Bear J


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