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Boston: Anh Hong

on July 18, 2011

I went back to Boston for a short visit at the end of July! So I wanted to take daddy out for lunch in Boston. I drove up to this Dorchester native restaurant drooling since I miss their food and had wanted him to try the Viet food too.

Anh Hong - Bún riêu cua

Anh Hong - Bún riêu cua

I knew what I wanted to order the minute I woke up. Bún riêu cua. Bún riêu is generally a meat vermicelli soup dish. Bun Rieu Cua is one of the many types and flavors of the Vietnamese soup. It has a tomato based broth and is usually topped with crabs or shrimps. Other ingredients include shrimps or prawns, fried tofu, a variety of greens, and congealed pig’s blood. I enjoyed this soup for its complex, yet light broth.

Anh Hong - Pork Chops Over Rice

Anh Hong - Pork Chops Over Rice

Daddy wanted the fried pork chop over rice. I had a piece of the pork chop. Thumbs up for me, but for him…he said it wasn’t as good as expected. I’m sure he has eaten better, especially living in Vietnam himself.

Definitely coming back if I visit Boston again. Can’t get enough of Vietnamese cuisine!

– Charmin Bear J


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