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Rhode Island: Seafood and Falafel

on July 20, 2011

July 17
Daiki and Leslie drove me and the doggies back to RI since they had to attend a gala in RI. Mochi, Milo and me hitched a ride back home. Daiki wanted to try the famous falafel sandwiches down on Thayer Street. Seafood is also one of the best foods here in the Ocean State.

East Side Pockets @ 278 Thayer Street

East Side Pockets - Falafel Wrap

East Side Pockets - Falafel Wrap

I split one wrap or “pocket” with Leslie and they us 3 falafel rings while Daiki got 4 in his own. What’s up with that!??! The falafel rings are made from ground chick peas, garlic, vegetables with their own traditional organic spices…then fried in pure vegetable oil. Served with hummus, yogurt cucumber sauce and Syrian bread. The bread was soft and fluffy. Not a bad wrap at all! This was for an early lunch snack. We had to make room for a real late lunch meal.

Hemenway’s Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar @ 121 South Main St

Hemenway's - Crab and Lobster Cakes

Hemenway's - Crab and Lobster Cakes

I absolutely could not have resisted getting these appetizer crab and lobster cakes. Full of fresh flavors, chunks of crab and lobster, and served with a side of corn relish and tartar sauce. YUM!

Hemenway's - Lobster Chowder

Hemenway's - Lobster Chowder

Not too badddd! I finished the whole bowl with oyster crackers. Sprinkled with freshly crushed black peppers. At first, I was like, where is that lobster taste?! Then, as I kept sipping it, the flavors started to develop more and more.

Hemenway's - Surf and Turf

Hemenway's - Surf and Turf

So much food. The shrimps were stuffed with crabmeat and baked to golden perfection. The steak was decent. Tender and juicy still. The entree came with a caesar salad (not pictured) and my choice of one side. I picked the seasonal vegetables to balance out this surf and turf meal.

Hemenway's - Strawberries Shortcake

Hemenway's - Strawberries Shortcake

I thought it was a cake! But the original strawberries shortcake was actually fresh strawberries, glazed in syrup over a biscuit. Even though I wanted a the modern shortcake, this dessert was light and simple. Clean flavors with their homemade whipped cream!

Service was superb. The waiter suggested us a wine, refilled our water glasses, and checked up on our meals at proper times. The place was huge! Glass windows and a big patio for summer seating. Definitely come back for those crab and lobster cakes. I saw lobster basil raviolis on the menu, my next entree when I revisit!

– Charmin Bear J


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