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New York City: Gravy

on August 2, 2011

Gravy @ 32 East 21st Street

New York’s restaurant week offers many lunch and dinner prix-fixed menus at different restaurants throughout the city. One of my speed daters from earlier in the summer took me to this new southern cuisine restaurant down in the flatiron district. Space was modernly sophisticated and had a touch of southern charm.

Gravy - Spinach Salad

Gravy - Spinach Salad

The spinach salad was surprisingly refreshing. Sometimes I don’t get spinach because there is a bitter aftertaste. Tossed with tomato raisins, candied pecans, and grilled red peppers..the roasted garlic vinaigrette brings out nice flavors to the textures and taste.

Gravy - Smoked Filet Mignon

Gravy - Smoked Filet Mignon

My entree for the night was a smoked filet mignon. Truly tender. Didn’t really need a steak knife to cut thru it. It had roasted cippolini onions, potato fondant, and chicory gravy on the side. The gravy added a nice touch to the beef. The onions and potatoes, I didn’t care for.

Gravy - Black Garlic Braised Pork Butt

Gravy - Black Garlic Braised Pork Butt

So Ron was mentioning black garlic all week. Maybe he knew they would be serving them with his meal. He ordered a black garlic braised pulled pork butt entree. The moist pork butt had a sweet and tangy/bbq marinade. There was arugula, lemon grit cake, and toasted corn relish served with it. In some ways, I wish I had ordered this! Much more textures and flavor profile than my steak.

Gravy - Cheesy Grits

Gravy - Cheesy Grits

Gravy was rated one of the best in their grits. Smooth in texture and deliciously creamy, they were yummy. You can order the trio grits for different flavors. Check out the video review by NBC on New York City’s Best Grits.

Gravy - Blueberry Pie

Gravy - Blueberry Pie

A slice of pie came with each meal. The blueberry was perfect. Crust was on par and the blueberries were fresh and not so sweet. Loved it.

Gravy - Pecan Pie

Gravy - Pecan Pie

I’m not a fan of pecan pies. Maybe it’s the nut itself. I didn’t like this one, but Ron liked it.

Overall, the date went well. Food and service were top notched! I will return for their porky bacon grits and to try their other menu items.

– Charmin Bear J


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