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Boston: Brandon’s Food Experience – Desserts

on August 7, 2011

I totally forgot I never finished this series of restaurants!  Whoops!

Mike’s Pastry @ 300 Hanover Street

*Ahem* Tourist trap alert *Ahem*  I think this place is totally overrated.  I don’t really get why they’re so popular.  I much prefer Modern Pastry than Mike’s, yet the line at Mike’s is always ridiculously long.  Since Brandon was visiting, I thought I’d take him here after a visit at Giacomo’s.

Before you bash on my poor spelling skills, cannolo is the singular form of cannoli.  The chocolate filling was a bit jelly/gooey like.  I did not like that.  It’s probably the ricotta, but I prefer creamier fillings.

Mike's Pastry - Chocolate Cannolo

Chocolate Cannolo

I like limoncello, but I did not really care for the limoncello cannolo.  Again, it probably has to do with the consistency of the filling.

Mike's Pastry - Limoncello Cannolo

Limoncello Cannolo

I also got a Boston Cream Puff.  Boston Cream is my favorite donut, I figured I would like this.  Whipped cream center was pretty yummy.  Overall, it wasn’t bad, but nothing I must have again.

Mike's Pastry - Boston Cream Puff

Boston Cream Puff

Mike's Pastry - Boston Cream Puff Center

Boston Cream Puff Center

Next time I return to visit Boston, I wouldn’t care to go to Mike’s for dessert.

Finale @ 1306 Beacon Street

After a very filling meal of Korean BBQ, Brandon decided he wanted dessert.  We made our way to Finale.  Instead of getting individual plates, my greedy bf decided we should try the 9-piece sampler.  For another $6, I could add a molten chocolate cake (one of my favorite desserts), which is normally $11.  How could my belly turn down that deal?!

The 9 piece sampler included: crème brûlée, manjari mousse, hot fudge sundae, cheesecake, apple spice cake, apple cranberry tart, sorbet, boston cream and whoopie pie.  I really liked the crème brûlée, hot fudge sundae (the brownie was amazing) and whoopie pie.  I didn’t care for the flavors of the sorbets (passion fruit and raspberry).  The manjari mousse and boston cream were okay.  I could’ve passed on the cheesecake, apple spice cake and apple cranberry tart.  From what I heard, you can replace desserts with others.

Finale - 9 Piece Sampler

9 Piece Sampler

My molten chocolate cake was delicious as usual.  I didn’t replace the coffee gelato with vanilla this time like I normally do.  This has to be served fresh and hot, or else it loses it’s essence.

Finale - Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake

Finale is a Boston thing, started by Havard Business students.  I don’t know if it’ll ever make its way to the west coast or if there’s even a market for them, but when I visit Boston, I’ll be sure to visit Finale.

– Charmin Bear T


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