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New York City: Bianca and Bon Chon

on August 7, 2011

Bianca @ 5 Bleecker St (at Bowery and Elizabeth Streets)

Catching up with friends kind-of-weekend :)
B.Chu and I decided to explore a lito bit of Italian cuisine downtown. We found our way to this quaint little Italian restaurant. The host was super nice. We waited 10 minutes to get seated as dinner rush was just starting.

Bianca - Lasagna

Bianca - Lasagna

B.Chu said the lasagna was the best dish he’s ever had there. I don’t usually order a heavy cheesy pasta dish, so I had him order it so that I can try a bit of it.  This lasagna is the traditional version from emilia-romagna with bechamel and meat sauce. Emilia-Romagna is one of the richest and most developed regions in northern Italy. It was O.M.G. out of this worldss. Classic dish, with fresh ingredients. Flavorful and delicious!

Bianca - Special

Bianca - Special

Unfortunately, my dish fell below standards to what a good bowl of pasta should be. I ordered their special, when described sounded wonderful. It was a fettuccine pasta dish with radicchio, crumbled sausage, light cream sauce, and fresh herbs. Maybe my tastebuds were being biased from eating B.Chu’s lasagna, but this bowl of pasta lacked any kind of flavor or seasoning. The radicchio, sauteed with the cream sauce, was still a bit bitter.

Bianca - Tartufo

Bianca - Tartufo

We made a great choice in the end on trying their chocolate truffle ice cream! Spoons down, yum. The Tartufo had whipped cream and bits of truffles. Must order again!

Bonchon @ 325 5th Avenue
Catching up with Winnie with good ol’ fried chicken from Bon Chon, a popular Korean fried chicken eatery. There are a few locations in K-town, but the one we tried was the newer establishment on 5th Ave, walking distance to where Winnie works. We also had a groupon deal to eat there. The restaurant itself is smaller, but it has a nice rustic interior decor. Service was good – water refilled and food came promptly.

Bon Chon - Soy Garlic Wings

Bon Chon - Soy Garlic Wings

Their soy garlic is probably the most popular. Second one is the spicy version, which I don’t prefer since the spiciness doesn’t leave your throat, no matter how many throwbacks of soju you drink. Wings/drumsticks are always crispy. I heard it was triple fried =X My only gripe is their price tag. Tooo expensive!

Bon Chon - Dokbukki

Bon Chon - Dokbukki

Dokbukki is another one of my favorite Korean dishes. The usual version has long rice cakes sauteed with gojuchang red pepper paste and tossed with cabbage, scallions and fish cakes.  The version here at Bon Chon has melted mozzarella cheese on top, with an addition of green peppers and a seasoned boiled egg. It definitely adds to the flavors and blends very well together on the palate.

– Charmin Bear J


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