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New York City: Takashi & Gelato

on August 27, 2011

Takashi @ 456 Hudson Street, between Morton and Barrow


Stephanie took a job in HK and her going away dinner was at a well-known restaurant for beef lovers. The restaurant seats 34 people at seven tables and a chef’s counter. They are only opened during dinners, so reservations is a must!

Takashi - Peppery Edamame

Takashi – Peppery Edamame

We started off with some peppered seasoned steamed edamame. Nothing special, but still good to munch on as you wait.

Takashi - Veggie Platter

Takashi – Veggie Platter

Needed to be semi healthy, so a basket of fresh veggies was ordered. Cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, daikon, spinach, and lettuce were amongst the platter.

Takashi - Shio-Tan

Takashi – Shio-Tan

Shio-tan or beef tongue was delicious. High in fat content, sliced thin and marinated with sesame oil/sauce brought out a lot of great flavors when grilled. Beef tongue is usually boiled first to remove the skin before slicing.

Takashi - Harami and Rosu

Takashi – Harami and Rosu

Harami (outside skirt) Rosu (ribeye). What else is there to say about top quality, well marinated beef? A must try in your goodies adventures.

Takashi - Kalbi (pre-grill)

Takashi – Kalbi (pre-grill)

Kalbi before the grill.

Takashi - Kalbi (on grill)

Takashi – Kalbi (on grill)

Kalbi on the grill. Simply amazing. In taste and texture.

Takashi - Niku-Natto

Takashi – Niku-Natto

Takashi - Niku-Natto (Mixed)

Takashi – Niku-Natto (Mixed)

The niku matto was an interesting dish. It was minced chuck eye with organic fermented soybeans. It wasn’t too salty, but rather balanced. After mixing together and eaten raw, the soybeans added a crunchier texture to the dish.

Takashi - Niku-Uni

Takashi – Niku-Uni

The niku uni was also a raw dish made of chuck flap topped with sea urchin and fresh wasabi. Soft in texture, the uni and sea urchins melt in your mouth. One of the more popular dishes ordered in the restaurant.

A place with great food, atmosphere and service! Highly recommended for beef lovers.

L’Arte Del Gelato @ 75 7th Ave (between S 7th Ave and Bleecker St.)

L'Arte del Gelato

L’Arte del Gelato

Arte del Gelato Cone

Arte del Gelato Cone

Delicious gelato on a cone. A bunch of different flavors for your tastebuds. I got a coconut and strawberry gelatinous cone. Yummy :)

– Charmin Bear J


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