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Brooklyn: Iron Chef House

on September 28, 2011

Sunday 9.25
Iron Chef House @ 92 Clark St (Btwn Monroe Pl & Henry St)

My first date with Tommy was out for sushi at the Iron Chef House in Brooklyn. Overall, clean environment, great food and service. But the whole experience was ruined by a pesky mosquito that ate me aliveee while I was dining. My legs were bitten multiple times and we had to go to the drugstore around the corner to get anti-itch cream.

Iron Chef House - Volcano Beef

Iron Chef House – Volcano Beef

One of our appetizers was the volcano beef, marinated raw beef in sesame and garlic sauce. I’m not a big fan of raw anything, but today I made an exception to try new food. It was surprisingly good. Marinated well and not as chewy as imagined.

Iron Chef House - Monster

Iron Chef House – Monster

Our second appetizer was a dish composed of chunks of different fish mixed with the iron chef spicy sauce – all over large pieces of fried shrimp chips. What I remembered the most was the texture. Soft delicate fish against crunchy fried shrimp chips. Delightful! This is what I would go back for.

Iron Chef House - Sushi Rolls

Iron Chef House – Sushi Rolls

As for sushi rolls, we ordered three kinds. A Monkey roll, composed of a shrimp tempura roll topped with avocado & three different kinds of spicy sauce. The other two were the basic spicy yellow tail tuna and salmon rolls. Rice was cooked correctly, best when you can feel each grain lingering on your tongue. Most importantly, the fish was fresh!

Iron Chef House - Grilled Chilean Seabass

Iron Chef House – Grilled Chilean Seabass

This was an iron chef special kind of dish. Grilled chilean sea bass with a delicious miso sauce. I would prefer this wide a side of rice, but it came with a side of noodles. No biggie, because this was the other dish I enjoyed very much and would return to order.

– Charmin Bear J


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