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New Toy

on September 29, 2011

Our new iMac recently arrived and my little chihuahua was so infatuated by it.  When my boyfriend was opening the box, she sat on the floor near the computer the entire time.  That’s rare for her considering she only sits on laps, couches, beds and soft blankets.  Never for the love of Buddha would you find her chilling on the floor.

After we finished setting up the iMac, we placed her on the chair at the computer’s temporary spot.

FM: I would like to FT Mochi

FM: I would like to FaceTime Mochi!

We decided we had enough laughs and put her on the floor, while my boyfriend continued on his merry fun time with the new toy.  FM was relentless though.  She wanted back on.  She continued to sit by the chair and stare upwards at that 27 inch screen.

FM: You're in my seat, human.

FM: You're in my seat, punk.

What a funny little dog I have.  I guess Apple products can attract creatures beyond humans.



One response to “New Toy

  1. mars says:

    last photo is soo cute! Please upload Facetime photo of FM and Mochi-would be super awesome!

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