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New York City: OTTO

on October 4, 2011

OTTO Pizzeria @ 1 5th Ave (between Washington Mews & 8th St)

Having met Ivan during speed dating, I found him super attractive, fun, and talkative. On my first date with him, he took me to OTTO! I’ve been here twice before, but when I didn’t start blogging yet. Great company + yummy food = awesome night!

OTTO - Cheese Dips

OTTO – Cheese Dips

Started off with a variety of cheeses and dips. Cherries, honey truffle oil, apricot were the three dips that came with the cheese plate. My favorite, was the honey truffle oil. I love honey in general. Honey combined with truffle infused oil elevated the flavor of honey. Apricot and then cherries, in that order after. I’m not a fan of the fruit types, but these definitely helped add a dimension of flavor to the cheeses.

OTTO - Cheese Varieties

OTTO – Cheese Varieties

Aged Peppercorn, Goat (middle right): Goat’s milk is much more similar to human milk than to cow milk. Goat cheese is one often preferred over cow cheese. As one of the earlier dairy products made, goat cheese is usually heavily brine and salted since refrigeration was limited. This version is lined with peppercorns, which is my favorite part. Goat cheese itself was creamy and delightful.

Pecorino di Fossa, Sheep (top left): One of the many favorite cheeses used in Italian cooking. This cheese is rich in flavor and golden in color. Even the aging process is unique and traditional! The cheese is wrapped in cloth and buried inside caves underground. From mid August up til late November, the cheese will have aged and been deformed in the process. It is dug up during the holiday of Santa Caterina.

Ricotta, Cow (bottom): The texture of ricotta reminds me of cottage cheese. This is because whey (a lowfat, liquid by-product of the cheese making process) is used to make ricotta. Ricotta curds is creamy and white in color. Highly perishable and slightly sweet, ricotta is a popular cheese to use in Italian cooking. Goat and buffalo milk are the other variations, but the American made ricotta cheese uses cow milk.

OTTO - Fusilli con Sausage and Escarole

OTTO – Fusilli con Sausage and Escarole

This is my favorite pasta dish at OTTO. It is perfect. Made with garlic, escarole and sweet Italian sausage. One taste of this corkscrew shaped Fusilli pasta will have you going back for more.

OTTO - Pepperoni Pizza

OTTO – Pepperoni Pizza

Another one of my favorite entrees here. The pepperoni pizza’s crust is thin and crispy. Made with tomatoes, spicy salami, cacio (Italian for cheese) and mozzarella. Amazing taste profile. Another perfect combo of quality ingredients.

I love the atmosphere here. It’s a pizzeria, but at the same time, it has touches of fine dining. From decor to superb service, Mario Batali’s OTTO is a definite recommendation for my friends who come to visit NYC.

– Charmin Bear J


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