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New York City: Momofuku Ramen

on October 5, 2011

Momofuku Noodle Bar @ 171 First Ave. (between 10th and 11th Sts.)

Met up with Becca, Diane and their significant others this weekend for ramen in the East Village. We decided on Momofuku’s since we didn’t try David Chang’s infamous ramen yet.

Momofuku - Pork Buns

Momofuku - Pork Buns

I do apologize for taking a bite out of the pork buns before I took a pic. I was too hungry =X for these pork buns. Enveloped in fluffy steamed buns were the ingredients of pickled cucumbers, green onions, sweet hoisin sauce, and a slab of juicy roasted pork belly. Seasoned well, the pork bun was a hit among the group. It is priced at $9 for 2 buns.

Momofuku - Brisket Buns

Momofuku - Brisket Buns

We also tried the brisket buns, made with horseradish, pickled red onion, and cucumbers. I thought it needed some more sauce, but overall the brisket was delicious.

Momofuku - Rice Cakes

Momofuku - Rice Cakes

For our other appetizer, the roasted rice cakes was also a hit, at least for me. Made with juicy brisket, broccoli rabe, and fried egg, I enjoyed this dish since it was packed full with flavor. I was pretty full by the time ramen came to our table.

Momofuku - Miso Ramen

Momofuku - Miso Ramen

Becca ordered the miso ramen to try since everyone else got the original ramen. The miso broth had great seasoning. It has smoked chicken, seaweed, swiss chard, green onions, a soy egg and lots of sesame seeds. Definitely something different.

Momofuku - Original Ramen

Momofuku - Original Ramen

The original Momofuku Ramen contained pork belly, pork shoulder, fish cake, nori, green onions and a poached egg :) I thought the soup was mediocre at best. I didn’t have a craving like I did when I tried Ippudo’s broth. This one is less rich, less dense, less salty in general. Maybe Chef Chang was going for a simple, lightly seasoned broth.


Overall, I feel like Momofuku was hyped up by a celebrity chef and people wanting to try a “new” spin on old traditional Asian flavors. Price didn’t justify quality/taste in this case. Unfortunately, I won’t be returning for pork buns or ramen, since I can’t justify the prices here. Ippudo’s is so much better and I am willing to shell out money for their ramen.

– Charmin Bear J


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