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New York City: Ugly Kitchen

on October 5, 2011

Ugly Kitchen @ 103 1st Ave

For Aileen’s Reading Empowers Launch Party on 10/5 – she had set up a gathering to help fundraise and recruit readers at a small Asian fusion restaurant. Not a big fan of the name. Reminds me of “Ugly Betty”. Maybe it was inspired by the show. Website is nice and clean. Food presentations and decor are also modern and inspiring. They had happy hour and speciality appetizers for the party.

Ugly Kitchen - Pork Buns

Ugly Kitchen - Pork Buns

I guess there is a spicy pork bun fad going on in nyc. Their signature spicy marinated pork was sandwiched in a soft milk bun with lettuce, house sauce and house brined pickles. I didn’t enjoy it. I definitely like Ippudo’s then Momofuku’s spicy pork buns so much more. There was an ump factor missing.

Ugly Kitchen - Fried Chicken Appetizer

Ugly Kitchen - Fried Chicken Appetizer

These fried chicken appetizer was a simple battered chicken served with a garlic chili dipping sauce. Nothing super special. At least the chicken wasn’t tough to eat.

Ugly Kitchen - Ugly Dumplings

Ugly Kitchen - Ugly Dumplings

These were my favorite of the three appetizer chosen. They were a take on crab rangoons, but it was made of thin and crispy pastry dough with fresh herbs and infused cheeses.

Good try, but you’re better off somewhere else. Maybe I should return for main entrees.

– Charmin Bear J


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