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Bristol: Beehive Cafe

on October 16, 2011

Beehive Cafe @ 10 Franklin St


Tommy and I stopped by a local cafe after our trip to the farm. We ordered banana bread and orange passion cake to eat. We slurped down the pastries with a honey pot expresso drink and caramel latte. Upon ordering our pastries, I noticed a few flies and mosquitos inside the bakery window – landing and flying around the baked goods. I told the server and she said, “well it’s a humid day and the door is open”…like it happens all the time…I was pretty much appalled, but still ordered. We came to this cafe because of stellar reviews on Yelp…but, I’m afraid I will have to pass up on the next opportunity to dine here. Who knows what else is lurking in the kitchen. We snacked upstairs. It was quiet, relaxing and overlooked the waters.

Beehive Cafe - Carrot Cake and Banana Bread

Beehive Cafe - Carrot Cake and Banana Bread

The banana bread was dry, but really… I think I make a better banana bread. The orange passion carrot cake was good though. A little on the sweet side, but expected of the frosting. It meshed well with the moist cake. The honey pot expresso drink was a concoction of espresso, milk and honey. According to Tommy, way too sweet!! He had the lady remake it. My caramel latte was perfect. Frothy and yummy :D


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