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Burlington: L’Andana

on December 11, 2011

L’Andana @ 86 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA
Cousin Tieu and Anne’s Wedding

L’Andana, highly rated on Zagat. 27 out of 30 for food. I believe, this has been the best wedding reception I’ve attended. Mainly because the food was delicious, but the Tuscan farmhouse inspired venue was romantic, quaint, and beautiful.

L'Andana - Bar

L’Andana – Bar

L'Andana - Center Piece

L’Andana – Center Piece

L'Andana - Wedding Cake

L’Andana – Wedding Cake

L'Andana - Seating

L’Andana – Seating

Hors d’Oeuvres

Maine crab cakes w/ smoked chili aioli (no pic). My favorite bites of the night and I forgot to take a picture. Gasp! Smoked chili aioli went well with the flavorful crab cakes.

L'Andana - Shrimp Skewers

L’Andana – Shrimp Skewers

Wood-grilled shrimp spiedini, lemon aioli. Deveined and not overcooked. Shrimp on a skewer was a great idea.

L'Andana - Mushroom Bruschetta

L’Andana – Mushroom Bruschetta

Portobello mushroom bruschetta, balsamic onion conserva, truffle oil. I know I say I hate mushrooms, but these little bruschetta were so good, I helped myself to a few more than I should. That says something about the mushrooms and truffle oil.

L'Andana - Meatballs

L’Andana – Meatballs

Marsala-glazed veal meatballs gratinata. Juicy, moist veal meatballs. Amazing flavors.

L'Andana - Chicken and Salsa Verde

L’Andana – Chicken and Salsa Verde

Wood-grilled chicken spiedini, rosemary glaze, salsa verde. Probably my least favorite of the night. Maybe I’m just bias toward chicken. It wasn’t overcooked, just didn’t care to eat these as much. The salsa verde was yummy though.

L'Andana - Bread

L’Andana – Bread

Gobbled up the toasted flaky bread. It was served warm and had an added touch of herbs and butter on top.

L'Andana - Mixed Greens

L’Andana – Mixed Greens

Mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette, spiced walnuts. Nothing too special with this salad. Just to hold your belly over til the main entrees. It’s still nice to have greens on your plate :)

L'Andana - Filet Mignon

L’Andana – Filet Mignon

Wood-grilled filet mignon 8 oz, center-cut tenderloin with asparagus, roasted garlic butter whipped potatoes and vin cotto. This steak was tender and juicy. I didn’t even need to cut really hard into it. Melted in my mouth. I usually never order steak, but I’m glad I did. Best one to date. The potatoes were soft and creamy with roasted garlic whipped into it.

L'Andana - Dessert Trio

L’Andana – Dessert Trio

In love with the dessert spread!

L'Andana - Wedding Cake Sliced

L’Andana – Wedding Cake Sliced

Red velvet w/ mocha buttercream, Espresso w/ chocolate truffle and raspberry. Just the extra touch of sauce makes this cake scrumptious. The buttercream was not too sweet, one of my favorite types of frosting.

L'Andana - Fruit Parfait and Creme Brulee

L’Andana – Fruit Parfait and Creme Brulee

L'Andana - Choc Mousse

L’Andana – Choc Mousse

Mini Dessert Trio: Chocolate crema, creme brulee, fresh fruit, sabayon. I’m so glad they gave every a choice on dessert. They had everyone in mind when they had this mini dessert trio. There was also lots of coffee and teas lined up for guests at the dessert area. Fruit parfait and the creme brulee were my favorite of the trio. Wonderful way to end the night of celebration.

Tieu and Anne

Tieu and Anne

Wish you both lots of happiness and good memories in this marriage! Kids soon please!!


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