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Los Angeles: Sushi Goodness

on February 11, 2012

I’m a self proclaimed sushi lover.  I generally like maki, but have recently developed more refined taste and am really beginning to appreciate just plain sushi and it’s freshness.  Traditional Japanese sushi isn’t fancy nor complicated.  Most of the time, it’s about quality and simple flavors that accentuates the fish.  Two of my favorite places when I feel like eating more traditional sushi are definitely Sushi-Gen in Little Tokyo and Sushi Sasabune in West LA.

Sushi-Gen @ 422 E 2nd Street

Sushi-Gen, unfortunately, is well-known by many.  As such, it is always packed.  We had to wait over an hour when we came here. It’s always hustling and bustling around dinner time, but the service remains above average and waiters are kind.  The food is quite simple, mainly sushi, and you’d be dumb to get something else anyway.  I decided to go with the sashimi dinner because rice is just filler in my opinion.  I’m going to get my money’s worth!  As you can see below, you get a large variety of fish, including toro!  It may be lower quality toro, but it melts in your mouth nonetheless.  Everything was delicious.  My friend, who’s a Japanese snob, even said it was on par with what he  has in Japan.  Wow, what a compliment that is!

Sushi Gen - Sashimi Combo

Sushi Gen - Sashimi Dinner

Sushi Sasabune @ 12400 Wilshire Avenue

If you don’t feel like waiting in the long line at Sushi-Gen, you should head over to Sushi Sasabune.  Surprisingly, this place isn’t usually packed.  However, it also has a very limited menu, even more so than Sushi-Gen.  They literally only have sushi dishes.  You can order them a la carte or order the omakase and have the chef decide for you.  My boyfriend started out with the omakase, but decided near the beginning that it was a better idea to just order a la carte since he doesn’t like every kind of fish.  I was having issues with my phone that night so my pictures are kind of crap, please bear with me.

Sasabune - Seared Baby Blue Fin Tuna

Sasabune - Seared Baby Blue Fin Tuna

I still think about this Seared Baby Blue Fin Tuna.  It’s soft texture and fattiness reminds me more of salmon than your typical tuna. I couldn’t stop eating this.  Next time, I’m just going to order two of these!

Sasabune - Green Mussels

Sasabune - Green Mussels

The mussels were definitely quality.  They were big and did not taste sandy at all.  The sauce was a good amount, no overkill here.

Sasabune - Assorted Sushi

Sasabune - Assorted Sushi

This includes white fish, mackerel (yuck! I hate mackerel), salmon and scallop.  No complaints here, but after this we decided we’re just going to keep ordering a bunch of toro.  We ordered quite a few and it was all amazing.  My boyfriend and I liked different types of toro that they brought out.  However, every time they arrived, we ate immediately and I totally forgot to take pictures of them.  -_-” fail.

If you’re ever in the LA area and you’re looking for delicious high quality fresh sushi, head over to Sushi-Gen or Sushi Sasabune.  It won’t disappoint!  But prepare your wallet for a hit.  These are 3 and 4 $ signs on Yelp.  It’s worth it to treat yourself to some amazing sushi every now and then though!

– Charmin Bear T


One response to “Los Angeles: Sushi Goodness

  1. mars says:

    The blue fin tuna looks so pretty and looks soo deliciously perfect to eat… hmm I am hungry now ;(

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