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Napa: Redd

on May 12, 2012

Redd @ 6480 Washington Street

Continuing on my exploration of Napa, I tried out Redd, a one michelin star restaurant. It was a cute, trendy restaurant with ample outside seating. I elected to sit outdoors because the boyfriend had brought up the dogs.


We started off with an appetizer to share, the yellow fin tuna and hamachi tartare. While ingredients were grade A, I thought this dish was lacking creativity. Avocado, tuna, and yellow tail, where have I eaten that before? Oh right, everywhere else. Oh rice crackers are Asian too, lets throw them in there also for crunch. While having a variety of textures may be nice in some dishes, it did not work here for me. At all.

Redd - Yellow Fin Tuna & Hamachi Tartare

Redd – Yellow Fin Tuna & Hamachi Tartare

For my main entree, I selected the Duck Confit. You would think the duck would be super juicy and flavorful considering the process of preparing duck confit in the first place. But alas, my duck was dry and pretty bland. The foie gras meatballs had flavor, but its foie gras afterall.

Redd - Crisp Duck Confit

Redd – Crisp Duck Confit

The boyfriend ordered the pulled pork sandwich. Another failure. The onion rings were good.

Redd - Short Rib Sandwich

Redd – Short Rib Sandwich

For dessert, I ordered the lava cake. Honestly, I don’t remember what the actual name is but it had chocolate ganache in it. Again, it was kind of disappointing. I wish the cake was about 10 degrees hotter.

Redd - Short Rib Sandwich

Redd – Lava Cake

I definitely think there were dishes that were probably better on their menu. My friend ordered the diver scallops and loved it. I probably just ordered all the wrong things. But at the end of the day, it still sucks I wasted my money here. I personally think that one star was awarded for service, because that I can honestly say was impeccable. But even with that I won’t be returning.

– CB T


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