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Los Angeles: Musha

on May 15, 2012

Musha @ 424 Wilshire Boulevard

Continuing on my quest to discover food in LA, I found myself at Musha, a Japanese Izakaya, which basically is Japanese tapas. When I got in the restaurant was hustling and bustling, but the wait wasn’t long at all as we were okay with sitting by the bar/counter.

We started the night with Yelper’s highly recommended Spicy Tuna Dip. I was sorely disappointed. While the fish was fresh and did not taste “fishy” at all, it was bland and lacked any spiciness it claimed to have. And what’s up with the rice cracker? I hate how rice crackers are the new fad in food. I find it everywhere and I honestly don’t think it does much besides add texture. Why don’t you pick something that adds flavor and texture? I would have much rather have a wonton chip to dip.

Musha - Spicy Tuna Dip

Musha – Spicy Tuna Dip

My boyfriend is Hawaiian and always raves about Poke. Last time I was in Hawaii, I didn’t get a chance to try it since I caught a stomach flu and didn’t want to upset it further by eating raw food. I thought this dish was only okay. Nothing too special.

Musha - Tuna Wasabi Poki

Musha – Tuna Wasabi Poki

We decided to add some greens into our meal by getting the Chicken Cracker Salad. Again with the rice crackers! RAWR. I probably should’ve realized that I would find rice cracker in it based on the name, but I was too tired from the long day at work and failed to make the connection. The chicken was good though. Everything else was just what you’d expect from a salad.

Musha - Chicken Cracker Salad

Musha – Chicken Cracker Salad

I decided I wanted to try the lobster roll, as I like lobster meat that has already been taken out for me. I’m not sure how I feel about the soy wrap, but it was okay. Lobster meat was generous. Taste didn’t have much complexity. Quite simple just to accentuate the freshness of the lobster. Probably my favorite of the night, but that’s not saying much really.

Musha - Lobster Roll

Musha – Lobster Roll

Under the suggestion of yelpers again, I ordered the tofu fries. I did not like these at all. The tofu they used aren’t the soft ones I like. I was expecting it to be more like agedashi tofu but in french fry form. The tofu tasted dry and did not fair well on my tongue at all. I don’t recommend.

Musha - Tofu French Fries

Musha – Tofu French Fries

Lastly, we got the pork belly, probably my second favorite of the night. It was super flavorful and the meat was okay. Nothing to rave about but nothing too much to complain about either.

Musha - Kakuni

Musha – Kakuni

I felt that Musha is probably over-hyped. Perhaps it’s more of a place to go with friends for sake and snacks than to really enjoy food. I thought everything was okay, but definitely not the finest representations of Japanese food in LA. The lobster roll and the kakuni isn’t outstanding enough to warrant a second trip, so this will probably be my first and last visit to Musha.

– Charmin Bear T


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