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NYC: Clinton St Bakery

Clinton St. Bakery @ 4 Clinton St.

A Michelin recommended and award winning restaurant down in the lower east side. Known for their fluffy Maine blueberry pancakes, served morning and night. This place is usually packed with loyal customers, willing to wait an hour plus for these pancakes.

Clinton St. Bakery - Blueberry Pancakes

Clinton St. Bakery – Blueberry Pancakes

Luckily, my date decided that it was smarter to go when they reopened for dinner around six. We didn’t need to wait and sat immediately. Unfortunately, the first pancake I ate had a long hair in it. I pulled it out of my mouth and was immediately turned off. Appetite was gone at this point. Disappointment because it was suppose to be an award winning pancake. Boo.

Clinton St. Bakery - Sugar Cured Bacon

Clinton St. Bakery – Sugar Cured Bacon

Foursquare recommended sugar cured bacon. A fantastic choice! Salty and sweet, bacon at it’s best.

Clinton St. Bakery - Eggs Benedict

Clinton St. Bakery – Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is my go to order for a breakfast meal. It was simply, at most average in taste. Bland because I had to add salt and pepper. I’ve had better elsewhere. I did like the use of their homemade biscuits.

Clinton St. Bakery - Hot Apple Cider and Biscuits

Clinton St. Bakery – Hot Apple Cider and Biscuits

Hot apple cider and homemade biscuits. Cider was a disappointment. They didn’t even fill my cup all the way. The foam made it to the brim so I thought there was alot more in there, in actuality, not even half way. Hot was an understatement. It was warm with a huge dash of cinnamon. It tasted like it was poured right out of a store bought jug. The biscuits were good tho. Not too greasy or salty. But definitely soft, flaky, and fluffy. I ate two! Love the intimate size and atmosphere of the place. But it could be a little overrated now that I’ve been here. I will try the pancakes again, maybe if I’m in the area. Server didn’t asked me or the other tables if we needed anything else or how our food was. The water was refilled at proper times throughout the night.

– Charminbear J

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