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Eye Cream Reviews

Which brand of eye cream do you prefer and why?

Philosophy and Bliss Eye Creams

Hope and Bliss Eye Creams

Philosophy Eye Hope Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Pros: 1) Texture. The first thing I noticed was the richness of this anti-aging eye cream’s texture. It’s very moisturizing! 2) Amount needed per application. A little goes a long way! Suggested form of application is squirting a small amount onto your ring finger, dabbing it under your eye and working it towards the outer corner. Using your ring finger is much more gentler than the other fingers.
Cons: 1) Packaging. The cream comes in a small tube with a pump. It clogs at the pump tip after each usage. I consider that product waste! :( Sometimes, too much squirts out of the pump, so I have to be very careful. 2) Cost. For 0.5 fl oz, it costs $48 at Sephora. I got a cheaper package deal with the Philosophy Face Cream (to be reviewed later) during Christmas shopping last year. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have spent that much on a dinky tube of eye cream. 3) Formula. The cream is packed with antioxidants to help prevent future skin damage, their formula also contains beta glucan, an agent proven effective in combating wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity and tone. However, there is a chemical smell that I don’t like in the cream. Feels like it does more damage than healing in this case.
Results: Effective! Skin around your eyes are a very sensitive area that should be taken care of daily. I don’t have alot of aging concerns at the moment, but I am taking the necessary preventatives now so I don’t regret later. I decided to purchase this product because Sephora had given me a sample a couple of years back. When I started using it, I noticed that the skin around my eyes felt less puffy and so much more softer. The moisturizing texture of the cream helped brighten my eyes a bit. I used it almost every night because face lotion just wasn’t enough. The soothing feeling after applying this cream also relaxed my eyes. A must try! If you’re at Sephora next time, ask them for a sample.

Bliss All-Around Eye Cream
Pros: 1) Formula. This super hydrating cream is packed full of vitamins C+E, collagen boosters, anti-aging ingredients like ceramides, nutralipids, and grapeseed extract. I really like how Bliss products have a nice scent to them too. It doesn’t have a strong chemical smell like other products such as Philosophy. 2) Versatility. I love how I can use this hydrating cream morning/night and all around my eyes. I don’t have to worry about sensitivity around the eyes with this cream. 3) Cost. At 0.5 fl oz, this product costs $28 at Sephora. Great deal! 4) Packaging. There is no pump. The product comes in a squeezable plastic tube. Easy to get the desired amount of cream out and not wasteful :)
Con: 1) Texture. Because this cream is so lightweight and hydrating, I get the impression that it doesn’t work as well. The cream absorbs into the skin rather quickly, so how do I know that it works?
Results: Semi-effective. The formula is suppose to lessen fine lines and puffiness, as well as brighten and hydrate the skin around the eyes. With more pros than cons, you would think that it works better than others. I was rather disappointed with this eye cream. I didn’t see much change to the skin around my eyes. I would give this product a try if you’re not willing to break your wallet on more expensive eye creams. It ultimately comes to the current state of your eyes and how you’re taking care of them? Remember it’s never too early to start taking preventative measures.

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